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Tracking the Parlay Bet That Would Need to Happen for Us to Be CONSIDERED for the Playoffs.

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December 3, 2021 at 6:28pm

8:47 Saturday Update:  You lose the parlay!  OSU is out of the playoff for sure with a combined Bama win and Cincy win.  

Let's go Bearcats - Ohio vs the world, and go hawkeyes, beat the skunks.  

If all of the below happens I think we are CONSIDERED for the playoffs (to be clear - I do not think we would or should be in, and if it were up to me I would vote probably for ND to be in - BUT, we would be in consideration).  

(EDIT: to reflect moneyline bets on everything except GA over Bama - Further editing to update game results)

Utah moneyline v Oregon (-120)  Utah wins 38-10

Baylor moneyline v Okie State (+198)  Baylor 21-16 over Okie State

Georgia -6.5 v Bama (-115)   Bama beats Georgia 41-24

Houston moneyline v Cincy (+330)  Cincy beats Houston 35-20

Skunks moneyline v Iowa (-500)

A $10 bet would net you $517.05 on that parlay.  

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