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OSU Path to the Playoffs After Week 7

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October 17, 2021 at 6:22pm

There was quite a bit of changes despite so many teams having a bye last week. I believe it is still a win and in scenario for OSU. However, for the first time the UC discussion needs to happen after they demolished UCF. If UC does to the rest of the AAC what they have done the last two weeks to Temple and UCF there may be no way to leave them out of the playoffs. Their resume will be weak but they are dominating teams and Notre Dame has a very important two weeks of USC and North Carolina, after those two games they will win out. UC has a very real shot.

OSU's potential resume took a big hit with Iowa losing. However Purdue has a shot of being a quality win and they are sitting at #25 with a pretty hard schedule. A win over 12-0 Iowa was a golden pass over other close teams like UC/Oregon/Oklahoma. Auburn, ISU, and MSU winning were the biggest resume builders for OSU/B1G this week.

Current Playoff Projection:

  • #1 Georgia(SEC champ): Still projecting them to win out easily but their schedule is looking weaker and weaker. Clemson really isnt good at all and the toughest teams on the schedule are UK and Auburn. They are awesome but they wont play a good offense all season. This weak schedule is important incase they lose the Bama championship game. 
  • #2 Oklahoma(Big 12 champ): I have been waiting for OU to finally drop a game but I think Caleb Williams makes them too good for that. They may really go undefeated now. However they end the season with Baylor, ISU, OK State, and the championship all in a row. Thats a tough stretch. 
  • #3 Oregon(Pac 12 champ): Not looking for another thread of nothing but debate over Oregon. I think the committee will value the head to head win to give them a slight nod over OSU if they both win out. Oregon has looked pretty rough and nearly lost to Cal and are underdogs this week to UCLA. Hopefully they lose so we can be done with them and avoid the potential debate and OSU ending up in the 4 seed.
  • #4 OSU(B1G champ): OSU will have the hardest schedule by far of the playoff teams and the only reason they are 4 is the loss to Oregon. Iowa lost but MSU, Michigan, and PSU are all still poised to be really good wins and if Iowa can survive to 11-1 or even 10-2 before getting rekt by OSU it will be a ranked win. 
  • #5 UC(AAC champ): I think this team is going to by far have the best G5 argument since 2014 and if Oregon loses I think they may be a lock. Talked about them above but compared to 2017 UCF they are such a better candidate. That UCF team had a super weak ooc schedule and had 4 very close games in the AAC including an OT win in the championship and a 7 point win the week before. UC has been dominant so far and the ND/Indiana games on top of it are a big difference. Hope Oregon loses so we can see them in the playoffs.
  • #6 Bama(SEC runner up): Bama isn't quite as dead as they were after last week. They obliterated MSST(who beat A&M). I will repeat what I said last week, they scare me more than any other team in the country. UGA is great but they matchup poorly against OSU. Bama is great and matches up perfectly against OSU. Rooting for the Dawgs to keep these bois outta the playoffs so we can play OU then UGA for Day's first championship. 

Week 7 Games to Watch:

  • Resume games: Michigan/PSU have easy wins and Iowa/MSU are off. 
  • Purdue?: Purdue is ranked and we play them this year. Only losses are to Minnesota and Notre Dame. They can go 8-4 and be a quality win. They have Wisconsin this week and Nebraska next week before MSU and OSU. 
  • Oklahoma State @ ISU-This is a big one and could really boost Iowa/B1G back into a high tier if ISU can pull it off. It will drop OkState lower and improve Iowa's resume. 
  • Oregon @ UCLA-Oregon is actually an underdog here and them losing will put the Pac12 to bed for the year. 
  • Clemson @ Pitt-Not a big deal but rooting for a Pitt win. Other than hating Dabo this will further tank UGAs resume and prevent 2 SEC teams from making it
  • USC @ Notre Dame-ND winning out is huge for UC. ND and SMU are the only potential ranked wins and ND being a top 10 team means a lot obviously. 

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