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Vitriol for the Offense?!?

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September 16, 2021 at 1:14pm

The defense was bad on Saturday, no doubt. They got beat repeatedly on the same plays from slightly different alignments. It has been written about to death on this site and in these forums. That's all understandable. Why is the offense not sharing any of the blame for the loss? I went back and looked at the Friday Night Fights article and the Prognosticating post (which was about attendance, but some folks still have score predictions). Exactly one person felt the Buckeyes would score less than 40 points, and they predicted 38 for the good guys, which still would have won the game. We couldn't run the ball effectively at all, the offense generally looked clunky, and they couldn't put up points when they had to at the end of the game. I need to hear why this is all Kerry Coombs' fault when there is a huge offensive problem on this team as well.

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