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  • SPORTS MOMENT: I'd have to say the win over Alabama. Three hours after the game was over I was still sitting there with a permasmile.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: I had to REALLY think about this, but it's Billy Owens from Syracuse. It is what it is :)
  • NFL TEAM: None, just love the game
  • NHL TEAM: Let's Go Jackets!!!
  • NBA TEAM: Meh
  • MLB TEAM: The Cincinnati Redlegs

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Comment 12 Mar 2020
I work i mental health, so I'm not downplaying the seriousness of your post. But I don't have mental health issues just because I love sports. I work nights, so on my off nights I catch up on games that I've DVR'd. So while my life won't take a dramatic downturn (or any downturn for that matter), it is going to suck.
Comment 11 Mar 2020
Any medical professional will admit that there is more we don't know about this virus than we do. That is what makes it a guess. We don't know how long someone is contagious for, how it is spread, or how long it stays in the human body. They also don't know how many people have had it and never bothered to even go to a doctor because their symptoms were so mild. That number could be in the hundreds of millions, which would make the mortality rate infinitely smaller. But at this point, everyone is just guessing.
Comment 10 Mar 2020


Which is exactly what our numbers on COVID-19 are at this point. For all we know, there are 800 million people who have already had it and have gotten better because they had mild symptoms. And primarily the people that are dying so far also have had previous pulmonary issues and/or other health problems. Additionally, there are many viruses for which we don't have vaccines that kill infants, the elderly, and people with underlying health conditions every year.

Look, I'm not saying that I know with certainty that this won't turn into a major health problem, just as literally no one else can say that it will. I am saying that this is more likely to end up like SARS, or MERS, or Ebola, or Swine Flu (should I continue?) than it is to become the next plague. 

Comment 10 Mar 2020
Leading research on a 3 month old virus? That isn't research, it's a guess. Now ultimately I may be the one who looks like an ass, but this is a virus. The flu, a virus, killed 34k in 2018-19, and is expected to kill up to 46k this year. They don't cancel classes and sporting events every year for the flu. Take your standard virus season precautions and everyone needs to relax. This panic is so media driven. Case in point...I'll bet most on here know how many people died in the tornadoes in Nashville last week. But I'm sure no one here knows how many people died from car or workplace accidents, which I'm also sure far exceeded the number from the tornadoes.
Comment 04 Mar 2020

No one was happier with Coach Coomb's return than me (except for maybe him). I love that he's back, but I feel the need to temper my optimism a bit with this year's DBs, at least at the beginning of the season. Replacing 3 high-quality starters is never easy, but again, I think we have the right man for the job.