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  • SPORTS MOMENT: I'd have to say the win over Alabama. Three hours after the game was over I was still sitting there with a permasmile.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: I had to REALLY think about this, but it's Billy Owens from Syracuse. It is what it is :)
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals (unfortunately)
  • NHL TEAM: Let's Go Jackets!!!
  • NBA TEAM: Meh
  • MLB TEAM: The Cincinnati Redlegs

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Comment 24 hours ago
True, but this won't solve the issue of the guy who's looking for the DV button.
Comment 18 Feb 2019

I'm torn on the issue of universities paying players, but I have no problem with them being allowed to sign endorsement deals. Nothing about the deal should involve taking more time away from their already busy schedules, though. That said, I'd love to have lived at the poverty level that today's college athletes live when I was in college, either when I was in my late teens/early twenties or the second time around in my early 40s. I would have done damn near anything to go to school without having to work 40+ hours per week, live off or Ramen or pasta, and graduate with a ton of student loan debt. 

Comment 16 Feb 2019
Good stuff Cruiser. My dad worked for IBM for 32 years, so I'm good. Unfortunately (for many reasons), he won't be around forever so I may be hitting you up in the future.
Comment 15 Feb 2019
I agree I didnt see any real progress with the D throughout the season. In addition to Maryland, ttun put up 39, NU 24, and UW 23. And none of those teams were offensive juggernauts last season. I think the D will be better this year because of experience (and hopefully coaching), but not because of any improvement I saw last year.
Comment 14 Feb 2019

I think everyone has hit it out of the park already, but I'm willing to share just so that you don't feel alone. I suffered from depression without even knowing it until i was in my mid 30's. It stemmed from two things.

The first (and most important) was that I was adopted when I was a baby. Being adopted wasn't the problem, it was the question mark of why I was adopted and who/where did I really come from. Adoption records in Ohio were sealed for about a 15 year period around my adoption, so there was no way to get answers short of hiring a PI, and they were largely unsuccessful anyway. 

The second thing was a bad marriage. I stayed for reasons I won't go into here, but in the long run this was the final nail in my depression coffin. It was taking a huge toll on my life in all areas: as an employee, a parent, as a friend. Something had to be done.

Long story short, for me I was paralyzed by the marriage and the adoption issue. Once I realized the root of the problem I was able to move forward. I needed out of the relationship and answers to my adoption questions. I was unable to grow personally because I was emotionally stunted due to these issues. But I also needed professional help to get me over the hump. So far you've admitted the problem and you're on your (see guys, you're/your, but I digress) way to getting help. But as many have stated, I would definitely set some small, achievable goals for yourself so that you can start knowing that you are able to accomplish things. This could help you down the road with your career choice as well. Best of luck my Buckeye brother, and I'll be glad to help in any way I can. 

Comment 13 Feb 2019
Definitely. Athletically, it would obviously not be in his best interest to leave for 2 years. But I'm sure he and his family know that, which would make me respect his decision to do his mission trip after year one even more. That would show his faith is very important to him and I can get behind a guy who stands firmly in his beliefs, whatever those beliefs are.
Comment 12 Feb 2019
I do think Dobbins has a big year this year as the feature back, with the Maryland game this past year as the evidence. He has an uphill climb to winning the Heisman against any QB, though. Maybe if he repeatedly jump-cuts dudes out of their jocks he'll get some serious consideration.