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  • SPORTS MOMENT: I'd have to say the win over Alabama. Three hours after the game was over I was still sitting there with a permasmile.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: I had to REALLY think about this, but it's Billy Owens from Syracuse. It is what it is :)
  • NFL TEAM: None, just love the game
  • NHL TEAM: Let's Go Jackets!!!
  • NBA TEAM: Meh
  • MLB TEAM: The Cincinnati Redlegs

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Comment 03 Dec 2019
This dude makes my reaction to a loss seem sane, and I'm only speaking of the desire to immediately pick up a camera and record himself.
Comment 02 Dec 2019
A buddy of mine is a ttun alum and fairly well-connected to the program. He told me over the weekend that they'll never force Harbaugh to leave because of his fundraising ability. I told him that B1G Championship and CFP appearances also raise a lot of funds, but they wouldn't know anything about that. And how long before people stop throwing money at a 9 or 10 win coach?
Comment 30 Nov 2019
FINALLY!! I've had the game stomach for 36 hours at this point. Kevin, I appreciate you, but I sure hope you're score prediction this week is a whole lot better than last week. I leave work in a little over 2 hours, I'll (hopefully) get in a couple hour nap, and then it will finally be time. Go Bucks!!!
Comment 29 Nov 2019

I was there for that idiot Desmond's pose in 1991 and swore I'd never go back. Well, along came 1997, and after only a single close loss on the road to PSU, I thought it was the year for redemption up north, even though the weasels were undefeated. Nope, another L. I haven't been back since, and I solemnly swear I never will. 

Comment 27 Nov 2019
Anyone who says they'd be happier going 1-11 with a win over ttun than going 14-1 with CFP title and the 1 loss coming against the weasels is being completely unrealistic. I was an adult living through the 90's, and I hate ttun with a mad passion, but if we win it all on 1/13/20 and we lose this week, I'll be able to live with it. Obviously it won't be as satisfying, but I'm not gonna cry about it.
Comment 25 Nov 2019
We get it dude, it's not even the same teams as last year. But as fans, we're all entitled to be however nervous we want to be given OUR memories of the game. Damn, I hope I don't see another comment telling other people how they should feel. Iirc, everyone told me we were going to beat PSU by 6 TDs, and that didnt exactly happen either.