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Ohio State=Luckiest Fanbase in the Country

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April 21, 2021 at 7:05pm

Bama is burning so hot right now & what they are doing is not sustainable. As such, having moderate success in the future, even great success, will feel like a letdown. Whoever follows Nick Saban. Yikes!

Clemson is on a historical run, their program has never before experienced this level of success & likely never will again. They’ll look back at the time a sexual predator (Deshaun Watson) elevated their program to its pinnacle... this will be their Golden Years. Ouch.

Meanwhile tOSU is steady as she goes, always right there in the mix. Seasons pass & Years will roll... yet time & change with surely show: the The Ohio State Buckeyes as a familiar fixture of excellence this Sport. Always at or near the top, right in the main group hunting for the top prize.

While some fans surely lament that the Buckeyes haven’t cashed in more titles, we also haven’t spoiled ourselves or ruined our appreciation with unrealistic expectations. Ohio State has done enough to establish & maintain itself on the Mt Rushmore of College Football, yet has managed to do all of this at a natural pace that our program can and has sustained. OSU success can and has been maintained for years/decades/generations. The Buckeye football program hasn’t topped out, everyone recognizes our greatness and the scariest part is there’s still another gear that can kick in if things really start clicking on all cylinders! It’s amazing that Ohio State, operating on cruise control, is about as close to dominant as any program in CFB history. 
Absolutely amazing.

As for the perennial non-contenders... I couldn’t imagine being a fan of a Purdue, or a Missouri, or an Arizona or someone who is happy just going .500 and/or qualifying for a bowl game. Before each season you’re automatically ruled out of any CFP or NC consideration, lofty goals aren’t even dreamable much less achievable. That would be a horrible mind-fck, incredibly difficult to accept & come to grips with. I have a lot of respect for loyal fans of programs like these.

One of the greatest wishes I could ever pass down to future generations is: May favor always be with The Ohio State University, and may Buckeye Football always be synonymous with elite & title contender!

It’s great to be a Buckeye!

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