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Did Urban Meyer Underachieve at OSU?

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February 23, 2021 at 12:56pm

Listening to the Tim May podcast where he interviewed Paul Finebaum. Paul still maintains Urban underachieved at OSU... that he should AT LEAST have won the Natty in 2015 and probably one other time during his tenure.  While I don't agree with Paul on every point, I am inclined believe Urban Meyer underachieved at OSU (based on potential - because the actual reality was still awesome). I mean, we can only ask this question because of how much Urban DID achieve. 

My main rationale: 

Urban underachieved due to his coaching hires. He didn't hire the best like he said he would. There was almost always a glaring weakness to his coaching staff...save for 2014. 

2012-2013. Urban got screwed out of a Natty in 2012, b/c we would have beaten ND.  Not his fault there.  2013's team was good enough to win it all but Wither's defensive backfield was so bad Conner Cook looked good and Sammy Watkins looked like Devonta Smith unstoppable. Withers kept Vonn Bell on the bench way too long & didn't press anyone at the line. 

2014. National Champs Baby!

2015-2016. Ed W was a terrible OC for 2 years. Beck wasn't great either. Both should've been gone after the way they blew 2015.  In 2015 he should have fired Zach Smith due to the crazy drama that ultimately lead to his own resignation in 2018. This dramatically affected our offense and cost us a title in at least 2015. I don't think we were going to win in 2016, but would have had a shot Day was here a year earlier. The 2016 defense was stacked.

2017-2018. Schiano should have left after 2017. Grinch didn't fit. Billy Best Man was no good. This cost us a title shot in 2017 and/or 2018. The blowout losses to IOWA & esp. PURDUE should never happen at OSU...and especially not in back to back years. 



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