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Grading the Coaching Staff

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January 14, 2021 at 10:59am

Every year 11W through FOIA requests gets staff year reviews where they have to give themselves a grade.  I thought it would be interesting to see what people here thought about this year from a coaching perspective.  Splitting into recruiting and on-field production. 

  Position Recruiting Notes On-field Notes Overall
Ryan Day HC/Playcaller A Awesome class A- Mostly great offense; playcalling off in B1G Championship and national championship A
Kevin Wilson OC/TE B+ Good TE; not the highest rated A- See Ryan Day A-
Brian Hartline WR A+ Duh A+ Duh A+
Tony alford RB A+ Two awesome RB B- Trey Sermon became really great but had a slow start; no one else was much of anything. B+
greg studrawa O-Line C+ Got Donovan Jackson, missed on JC Latham, no one else elite A- NPF great; interior a little suspect but O-line was a strength this year B
corey dennis QB A Quinn Ewers, but also Ryan Day is a huge influence B Fields had some off games; hard to tell what to attribute to Dennis or not A-
kerry coombs DC/CB A Restacking the CB room C Defense was suspect all year, especially the secondary B-
greg mattison Co-DC B What does he do in recruiting? C See Kerry Coombs B-
larry johnson D-Line A Obviously Sawyer, but Mike Hall is really good too B+ DT were great; Ends were okay; I had more expectations for year 2 Zach Harrison A-
al washington LB A+ 2022 is LB heaven A- LB were generally a strength;  A
matt barnes Safeties B Hard to say who he's lead recruiter for C- Big mistake starting Marcus Hooker over Josh Proctor C+




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