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Keep Calm Tomorrow/Tonight

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January 11, 2021 at 12:54am

On the eve of the National Championship, I decided to rewatch the Sugar Bowl from 2014-15. AKA - the last time we matched up with Alabama. And I made a few observations.

I would like to post a friendly reminder to all our posters to stay calm early, we were down 21-6 after a quarter and a half during that Sugar Bowl game. Zeke fumbled, Cardale threw an interception, and we couldn't convert two great red-zone opportunities into 6.

So before you panic and post something you'll regret including but not limited to insulting any of our student-athletes that have worked so damn hard just to get to this point, just take a breather. Or get a drink, which ever is easier.


Also, have faith in Ryan Day and the rest of the coaching staff to make adjustments and turn things around.

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