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What is the B1G Quarantine Logic? (Kevin Warren Strikes Again)

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November 30, 2020 at 3:54pm

I was thinking about this last week after Coach Day tested positive, I believe Jeff Brohm also tested positive earlier in the year but I couldn't care less about Purdue so I didn't realize this.

The explanation for the 21 Day sit out rule for players was 14 day quarantine, followed by 7 day "acclimation period" this way they aren't thrown back into the fire without being ready. But when Coach Day tested positive and only has to sit out 10 days it made me realize. Why is the Coach quarantine 10 days and the players is 14? Then you tack on an extra 7 days?

By the coaching quarantine standards the 21 day rule should be 17 days. 10 for quarantine and 7 for acclimation. Don't get me wrong I think 17 days is still too long but it's far better than 21, and actually lines up with the rules for the coaches.

Someone might have information on this that I am missing, and if you do let me know. But once the myocarditis crap was hashed out I thought that it was pretty clear 21 days was too long.

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