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I Think We Cancelled to Avoid Red-red and Try to Save MSU

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November 28, 2020 at 9:29am

I will update soon with tweets and such, but we know the big ten mandates a 7 day shutdown when u hit red-red. We know OSU voluntarily cancelled before this happened. They announced the FB program was shut down per medical teams advice, but they did not indicate if this shut down would be for several days or the full week.

One of the articles here about the original travel plans made it sound like we were getting tested today before they got on the plane. Say we were a few positives away from shutting down for a whole week starting today. Say we actually were a few positives away yesterday and everybody hasn't been tested yet.

Shut it down, come back a few days later to test (like Tuesday), and if things are where we want them, we've lived to fight another day. If we would have rolled the dice, maybe we get to play Illinois, but maybe we also get that and Sparty cancelled because we were shut down Saturday to Saturday.

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