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Midseason-ish Awards

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November 21, 2020 at 11:36pm

Well, it's midway through the season sadly. So far, so good. Undefeated and relatively healthy is pretty much what you can ask for at the moment. Thought I'd look at a few "awards" for the season so far.

MVP/Best Offensive Player - Justin Fields - Self-explanatory, though I will at least mention Garrett Wilson, who has been amazing.

Best Defensive Player - Pete Werner - Also a pretty easy call for me, though the LBs overall have all been good.

Biggest Surprise (Offense) - NPF - Had some worries before the season, but he has been very good and is starting to live up to the recruiting ranking.

Biggest Surprise (Defense) - Togiai/Garrett - Defensive tackle was one of the two big worry spots for me (along with safety) coming into the season, but both of these guys have stepped up. Run defense has been really good and for DTs the pass rush has been good to great at times.

Biggest Disappointment (Offense) - Interior OL/WR depth (tie) - These two have been "disappointments" for different reasons. The IOL has been good and mostly fine, but I expected dominance. So, it's more of not living up to being the best IOL in OSU history. Maybe that was an unreasonable expectation. For the WRs, so far it's been a two man show. And while they are two of the best in the country, I thought at least one or two others would be playing a much bigger role. Might be that Fields locks onto Olave and Wilson, but the fact that we've seen a lot of 2-3 WR sets shows me that they don't trust the other WRs as much. Yet.

Biggest Disappointment (Defense) - CBs - Again, this might be on me, but I expected only a small drop-off with Banks, Brown and Wade back. It's been rough and the safety play hasn't helped. Overall, coverage actually hasn't been terrible, but there too many miscommunication breakdowns, too many times that guys just don't make the play on the ball when they are in position, and really the biggest issue to me is that the tackling has been subpar. 

Anyway, that's the way I see it. Sorry for the long post. 

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