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Comment 18 Aug 2019

It doesn't seem that the basketball experts are as good as the football guys in predicting where guys end up, which is less a slight on them and moreso the fact that: 1) there are a lot more teams competing for top guys since the classes are so much smaller, 2) two widely spaced signing periods, 3) AAU and money, which from reports has led kids to commit to schools at the last minute that they may otherwise not have been considering. Zion was like this and I have no doubt he got a hefty payday from Nike to go to Duke.

As for OSU specifically, might be the newness of the staff and maybe they aren't as chatty as the football coaches.

Comment 18 Aug 2019

Agree. I like VAR. I prefer they get the calls right, which they did in the Man City-Tottenham game. The rule is dumb, but don't blame VAR for that. 

Comment 11 Aug 2019

Did not see that thrashing from United, though Chelsea were a bit unlucky with the post a couple of times. Otherwise, pretty much as expected this weekend. Good start for my Gunners with a road win and clean sheet even though they were missing a bunch of key people and played a very young squad. Some good games next weekend: Tottenham-Man City, Man U-Wolves, and Chelsea-Leicester. 

Comment 09 Aug 2019

Hoping Arsenal can outscore people enough to finish in the top 4. I think they'll be better than United and maybe Chelsea and Tottenham. I don't think City and Liverpool (especially) are going to run away like they did last year. City will probably 3 peat, but it'll be a battle with the other top 6, except United, who I think are going to battle Everton and Wolves for 6th. 

Comment 04 Aug 2019
Predicted this in one of the last couple threads but run of CBs for Tank Bigsby to Auburn. Looks like he'll commit there soon.
Comment 04 Aug 2019

I'm looking forward to the August heat check. I don't know if there's 10 names on the board right now. DL is a complete mystery to me. Even moreso than RB at this point, I think. Guess you could have Cowan, Evans, Hardy, and Baron, but none of those guys seems particularly likely at this point. Anyone else just seems like throwing crap against the wall, though. 

Comment 02 Aug 2019

I'd prefer they ramp back up with Berger than Drennen personally. I was all-in on him being the APB from the beginning, even before they got involved with Knighton. Think he's pretty good.

Comment 01 Aug 2019
It's a terrible trade for the Reds but par for the course with their front office. Bauer has one year of looking like an ace but otherwise he's basically a number 2-3 guy. Top 30 prospects are the most valuable commodity in baseball. I'm not abig believer in Trammell but the Padres gave up three valuable assets to acquire him. Reds could have gotten a couple of long term pieces especially a SS or C where they need help. Instead they have one year of a 3rd starter. They better spend big on free agents.
Comment 29 Jul 2019
I've always been surprised that they weren't mentioned more actually. Most of his early CBs were for UCLA but then he made an official visit to USC immediately after his official to OSU. So there has always been a slant toward LA. Seemed to me USC has been a threat since the visit.
Comment 27 Jul 2019
Except he was not 350 when offered. It was pretty clear OSU offered when he was down to 280ish for wrestling and when that box jump was filmed. And from the rumblings it seems the offer was contingent on him staying there.
Comment 22 Jul 2019
Honestly I think they sometimes rank guys in places just to be different. The loss of Scout in the recruiting landscape also may make ESPN look like more of an outlier. Both Rivals and 247 have huge SE slants to their analysts especially the guys that own the sites. Scout used to be the most balanced.
Comment 22 Jul 2019
I would prefer another pure corner in the class. And it seems the staff does as well. I think Paige's chances left when Ransom committed.
Comment 06 Jul 2019

I don't know what Sheffield should have been ranked. Just saying he was a 5 star one year and then suddenly was only a low 4 star a year later. Same with Newton, who was a 5 star when he went to Florida. Got kicked out and tore up JUCO. There's no reason to think that he wouldn't still be a five star, but he wasn't rated that way. 

The fact that they've never had a 5 star JUCO or prep school player in the last 10+ years despite having guys who were five stars before they went that route and guys that have ended up 1st round draft picks is telling. They don't rate them the same.