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"Worst Wins" of the Top 10. Our Struggles Aren't Unique

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November 21, 2020 at 10:32pm

While we are all freaking out about the numerous problems that got exposed today, its helpful to keep our "worse win" of the season so far in perspective with some of the other top teams.

1. Alabama 63, Ole miss 48- this game was a shootout. Neither team was punting. Ole miss knew there was no chance at stopping bama so they went for an onside and hence the two score loss. It was tit for tat the entire game though

2. Notre Dame 12, Louisville 7- a rainy game, Louisville's offense performed like trash like usual but ND was having uncharacteristic problems trying to run the ball

4. Clemson 34, Boston College 28. BC Dominated the first half, got some defensive scores and ended up going up 28-13 at the half. Clemson responded by scoring 21 unanswered points in the second half against their unranked opponent.

5. Texas a&m 17, Vanderbilt 12- first game of the year but currently winless Vandy had the ball with 4 minutes left and a chance to win. They ended up punting it with 3 minutes left and never got the ball back as TAMU was able to bleed the rest of the clock.

6. Florida 38, South Carolina 24. Floria (there's no D) has a bunch of games like this. One USCe td was in garbage time, but they have a REALLY bad offense. Theyre right now in the fourth qtr with nothing more than a FG against Mizzou.

Update: this is fun so I'm gonna just do the top 10

7. Cincy 36, ucf 33- Cincys first game where they didn't just dominate their outmatched AAC opponent. They looked good, but made a few mistakes here and there with a few anemic plays that seemed to confirm my own g5 bias. Interesting they were first and goal with a minute left in the game. The RB obviously saw the PSU IU game bc he skirted along the goal line instead of pushing it in. Cincy is able to milk all but three seconds, which they thought they could do on 4th down. But the snap was high and so cincys qb fell on it and they gave the ball back to UCF at their own goal line with one second left.

8. BYU beat UTSA 27-20. I thought their simple inclusion made BYU's schedule a joke. They were favored by 35.

8. Wisconsin 10/17, rest of the big ten 10/10. Wisconsin has two comfortable wins over garbage teams Michigan and Illinois. They have a loss to a good NW but their worse "win" was convincing the big ten to start on 10-17 instead of 10-10 because they were going through an outbreak. They got their way and Wisconsin had another outbreak anyway and had to cancel two games.

9. Indiana 36, PSU 35 (OT)- exciting and filled with controversy, Indiana looked like the scrappy underdog team that got every lucky bounce they needed (including penn state scoring a "game losing touchdown"). Penn state outgained IU by a ton, and held the ball 2/3rds of the whole game and still lost. IU continued to dominate Michigan teams and Rutgers, while Penn State has remained winless. IU was by far the better team but the box score said otherwise.

10. Oregon 38, UCLA 35- its the Pac 12, im not gonna watch it but they say this game happened today. UCLA is 1-2. Don't have much more than that but yeah, a FG is not the score you want to beat an unranked, sub .500 opponent by when you only have 7 games to play this season.

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