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Not to Worry OSU Fans

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November 21, 2020 at 8:55pm

I’m sure just like me you all had a roller coaster of emotions from today’s game. Fields was being weird, the pass defense was horrible and it appears we have some major problems. I will try to give you all something to think about though.

Back in 2014 after the VT loss I was at a loss for words. Barrett was bad, OL was bad, it was one of the worst games I’ve seen. The way they turned things around was something 30 for 30 worthy.

I believe they can fix this, and I think we may have witnessed Fields WORST game of his career which was still not too bad all things considered. Also, the weather conditions were poor which can throw off your game to an extent.

Im still confident in this team, I can’t wait to see these guys full stride at the end of the season. Go Bucks

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