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True Playoff Contenders For This Season

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October 4, 2020 at 7:21am

After yesterday's Big 12 massacre and subsequent games it looks like there are currently only 4 teams that might even make sense for the playoff: Clemson, Bama, the SEC East Champ, and OSU. Jury is still out on ND and a second Big Ten team.

Im holding off all thoughts about us until we play a game. We have the talent and experience, but this year is weird in every aspect. Once we start playing and see how our guys handle it I'll change my tune.

I think the Big 12 is out unless Iowa State continues to win and improve because the Sun Belt loss is a huge negative.

Bama looks legit but still has weaknesses (run game, defense).

Clemson is always going to be the most talented team on the field until they play us so they are simply coasting. Don't pay attention to the points they've given up. They are as good as anyone. Miami will either expose them or wake up the beast.

Georgia's defense is really good and their QB played above game-manager level last night. If he continues to get more comfortable with experience he has all they need to be good on offense.

I haven't watched a lot of Florida. They've destroyed their first two opponents but both are weaker teams so we'll see if Trask is the real deal when he plays a real defense eventually.

Notre Dame has the hype because...Notre Dame. But I just don't see them doing anything. I think they'll get crushed by Clemson.

Miami could be a dark horse. Their offense has looked good and if they can beat Clemson they could be the ACC rep in the playoffs but that just seems unlikely to me.

Is there really anyone else to even consider outside the Big Ten?

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