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Interesting Take on ESPNU Regarding the B1G

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September 20, 2020 at 4:13pm

The announcers on ESPNU earlier today (not sure who they were) were posing a theory that the B1G really has no intention of really playing a season.  They said that the rules they imposed are so strict that they think it is their intentional way to not have a season but to say that they tried.

The 2 rules they were talking about were: (1) 21 day quarantine period and the associated contract tracing where anyone you had any contact with is also quarantined and can't play for 21 days even if they test negative - they said that 1 positive test would essentially wipe out an entire position group or more on a team since they would all be in contact with each other.  (2) The 5% positivity rate - if 3 or 4 players test positive over a 21 day period then the team can't play.

They said that in their view the B1G president's, chancelors and commissioner are just playing a game and at they end they want to say "we tried to tell you we never could play but you wouldn't listen and we were right all along".

They said the only other option is the league leaders are dumb but in their opinion it's more likely that they are just setting it up to be shutdown again.

I don't know if I believe their conspiracy theory but I honestly wouldn't put it past our league leaders based on how they have acted so far.  I I hope they have better ethics and values then to do something like this.

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