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Christine Brennan - Part II - Darkest Day in B1G History

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September 17, 2020 at 5:01pm

Christine Brennan, an admitted fan of Michigan football from Toledo, Ohio, not only tweets, but writes whole toxic articles for USA Today, saying the "Big Ten's decision to play football signals darkest day in conference's sports history."

Here's more from the other side opposing us: 
"look at the conference’s prudent August decision to shut down fall sports in the midst of the global pandemic... It was a tough decision, heartbreaking and costly, but it was the right one... the leagues's presidents decided to steer their schools and their football programs right into the teeth of what are predicted to be some of the worst days of the pandemic in October and November."

And also her pleading explanation of how:  
"With a mountain of daily antigen tests, special delivery for Big Ten football teams only. Rapid tests for football players, but not for the elderly in Ann Arbor or Columbus, or for school children and teachers in Bloomington or Minneapolis, or for students paying for their education amid the outbreaks in East Lansing or Madison..."

Perhaps on one thing we can agree. Perhaps:
"Kevin Warren... the poor guy was outmaneuvered by a few loud-mouth football coaches, for heaven’s sake. No matter how he explains it, it’s clear that he and the league flip-flopped so Ohio State can try to win a national title."



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