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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The CATCH. Troy passes to Gonzo in closing seconds at Ann Arbor in 2005.
    The STEAL. Clarett rips ball away from Miami after Krenzel threw interception in 2002 championship.
    The BOLT. Terry Glenn's 82-yard bolt of lightning against Notre Dame in 1995 with Regis.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: ARCHIE GRIFFIN "He's a better young man than a football player, and..."(Woody Hayes)

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Comment 07 Jun 2020

Great insight behind the scenes from Urban.  And it was more than Cardale taking ownership.  The whole team, each and every man, took the responsibility upon himself to do his best knowing that the 3rd-string QB would need all the help he could get to win.

It was like Lord Nelson, outgunned and out-manned, before the great naval victory of Trafalgar, raising the message with the signal flags:

"England expects that every man will do his D U T Y."

Comment 27 May 2020

Don't get it.  My favorite things? 
The first 2 Penn State white-outs end in embarrassing losses against Purdue and Iowa.  But then #5 Ohio State loses and the white-outs become a tradition. 
My favorite things?

Comment 21 May 2020

Nice pic. And good point. 

And remember that it was the "medical experts" who got us here-- no need to wear face masks they said, they're useless; and then I should wear them, and now I have to wear them in public.

And the "medical experts" said the virus was spread by touch, and so had me sanitizing all my counters, door knobs, light switches, steering wheels, and now they tell me that it wasn't that critical after all.

On a serious note: Expert is derived from two words: "Ex" as in former that had been, and "Spurt" as in a drip under pressure.  So... an Expert is a has-been drip under duress.

And I do like lady bugs, but not dandelions, and definitely not Asian killer hornets.

Comment 21 May 2020

"screams of something criminal - likely drugs, ransom or theft."

Right on, Buck95. Reminds me of the Walter Matthau movie where a bank robber holds up a small, rural bank and ends up with $800,000.  He knows the money is dirty and he knows that the Mob is coming after him like hell on high water.

Comment 20 May 2020

Mahalo, Ramzy! 
"My favorite thing" of the kickoff return hit on McGuffie was watching him stagger off the field with weak knees.
Here is a fuller recording of the hit-- see replay #3.