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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The CATCH. Troy passes to Gonzo in closing seconds at Ann Arbor in 2005.
    The STEAL. Clarett rips ball away from Miami after Krenzel threw interception in 2002 championship.
    The BOLT. Terry Glenn's 82-yard bolt of lightning against Notre Dame in 1995 with Regis.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: ARCHIE GRIFFIN "He's a better young man than a football player, and..."(Woody Hayes)

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Comment 9 hours ago

What's fueling the anger?  Booze, drugs, women?

He keeps putting his hand up to his nose in the video. Is he vaping or snorting or?

The angry comedian W.C. Fields joked that he was grateful to women for driving him to drinking.

Comment 18 May 2019

NHBuck and the rest, yes! 
Hate is a strong word, perhaps extreme irritation is more fitting for me.  But vindication was served as Elway rhymes with The Play.

John Elway was a prima donna playing for Stanford.  Jim McMahon had set an amazing 70 NCAA records the year before, that Elway could not touch, but the latter got all the media hype. And then came vindication...

in Elway's final game of his college career, after leading his team to victory over rival Cal with 4 seconds left, poetic justice was served with The Play. And Elway left college having never led his team to a bowl game.  Savor!

Comment 18 May 2019

Exactly!  Staubach had the "right stuff" physical, mental, social, etc.  Won the Heisman, yet served his country first, then went pro.

Comment 18 May 2019

There were 2 black TV celebs growing up that honestly we did not think of them as blacks but just as Americans-- O.J Simpson and .Bill Cosby.  And now years later look at them.