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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The CATCH. Troy passes to Gonzo in closing seconds at Ann Arbor in 2005.
    The STEAL. Clarett rips ball away from Miami after Krenzel threw interception in 2002 championship.
    The BOLT. Terry Glenn's 82-yard bolt of lightning against Notre Dame in 1995 with Regis.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: ARCHIE GRIFFIN "He's a better young man than a football player, and..."(Woody Hayes)

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Comment 19 Feb 2019

"To be clear... the afternoon is a better time for a football game... Night games are just extremely overrated. The buildup is too long, they're anticlimactic, the celebration is cut short, and in late November, they're freezing... I say anywhere between 1 and 4 p.m. is prime. Gives ample time for pregame, happens soon enough, and is over at a reasonable hour."

So clear, so succinct.  Play it, once more, Sam, err, Kevin.

Comment 18 Feb 2019

Here we go again...

the old compromise of the "tradition" of noon games versus night games called "prime time" by TV marketing gurus that results in open-minded people wisely saying let's cut the baby in half and have the rivalry game at 3:30.

The noon time is NOT going to change any time soon, because...

the TV networks have to fit in all the other rivalry games for Thanksgiving weekend.  You go east to west, Ohio State-Michigan goes first at noon in the Eastern Time zone.  Then Alabama-Auburn goes next in the Central Time zone, etc. etc.

No TV exec in his right mind is going to split viewership and dilute ratings by having Ohio State and Alabama playing rivalry games in the same hour!  Period.

[and BTW, the author's chart above clearly shows that the noon kick-off is NOT traditional.]

Comment 13 Feb 2019

I have not come to honor Caesar, but to bury him.

Comment 03 Feb 2019


And yes, it's interesting, and in fact very telling, to have this quick and early 2021 Jack Sawyer recruit juxtaposed with the dragged-out Zach Harrison 2019 announcement.   

Both names rhyme with backpack.
Both are DEs.
Both are 5-stars.
Both are from Ohio.
Both are from the Columbus metro.

If you don't want the drama, this is the way to pre-empt it.