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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The CATCH. Troy passes to Gonzo in closing seconds at Ann Arbor in 2005.
    The STEAL. Clarett rips ball away from Miami after Krenzel threw interception in 2002 championship.
    The BOLT. Terry Glenn's 82-yard bolt of lightning against Notre Dame in 1995 with Regis.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: ARCHIE GRIFFIN "He's a better young man than a football player, and..."(Woody Hayes)

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Comment 5 hours ago

Yes, however inside the 20 and not returnable, but it could have been further down inside the 10.  A little less bottle flipping for Drue?

Comment 15 Nov 2019

Great takes!  Mahalo, Chris, for the questions. This is a subliminal psychological inquiry deep into the (perverse) minds of Harrish, Wertheim and Ramzy, if you re-order the takes by respondent:

David Wertheim: 
Fast food: Skyline chili spaghetti (from Cincinnati)
Movie: Undecided between 12 B-grade movies
Music: Can't decide, change every week
Soda: Can't decide between 1a, 1aa and 1aaa. (Insightful: Dr Pepper is just cherry Coke)

Kevin Harrish:
Fast food: Arby's (decided, consistent, love those crusty, curly fries, too)
Movie: Sandlot (childhood nostalgia)
Music: Willie Wonka (childhood nostalgia)
Soda: Dr. Pepper (decisive, no lemon lime)

Ramzy Nassrallah:
Fast food: Double Holy (virtuous, unusual, needs to be different)
Movie: Major League (sobbing teen nostalgia, unusual, different, but at least includes some real, award-winning movies-- Maguire, Raging Bull, Chariots, etc.)
Music: None. (unusual, different)
Soda: No 'soft drinks' (different, separate, health conscious)

Hmm... what's your diagnosis, Dr. Freud?