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OSU V Ttun Talent Match-Up

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September 16, 2020 at 1:22pm

SEASON IS BACK!!!!  Normally I start looking at this in the spring/summer, but now we're back at 100 boys!  You're seeing it, but things are changing by the minute with who will play and who won't.  Thought it'd be worth looking at how the talent gap is shifting for The Game.  See the ***current*** view of how rosters are shaking out (yes I'm holding out hope for big opt-ins):

As you can see, the gap is healthy.  In fact, healthier than last year.  OSU's roster is up 23 points from .941 to .964, and average position rank is up from 17.4 to 8.7!  On the other hand, ttun went down 8 points from .912 to .904, and gained 0.5 on the average position rank from 40.6 to 40.1.  These are subject to change slightly based on opt-outs and opt-ins.

Now for position group battles:


The biggest reason I don't think ttun has any chance: their OL v our DL.  Thank you LJ.

WRs v DBs

Set up for Fields' Heisman game?


The one "match-up" that gives ttun the advantage.  Will be interesting match-ups to watch!

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