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Anyone Else Hate the TUN Talk?

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August 6, 2020 at 6:04pm

Don’t get me wrong, I love Fields, and hate TTUN as much as the next guy.

But traditionally in this rivalry the team who does the talking has not succeeded the next game. OSU is on another level and I still think they will beat the Wolverines, but the “beat the brakes off them” talk worries me.

In 1968, Woody Hayes famously said “because I couldn’t go for 3” after going for 2 to top of a 50-14 victory. 

The Next Year? 
TTUN upset the #1 Buckeyes, ending what would’ve likely been a national championship season.

On the other side of the rivalry, Mike Hart said he came back to school in ‘07 for two reasons, win a national championship and beat the Buckeyes. They lost to App State, and the Buckeyes.

Most recently the 10-1 Wolverines strolled into C-Bus in 2018, Karan Higdon guaranteed a win and Winovich added OSU as just another game on their “revenge tour”

After Urban Meyer retired, he gave a speech while delivering the gold pants. He said; “So it really bothered me when I heard a player for the other team come out and guarantee wins, and Revenge Tours, and shit like that, and I remember those days and my head almost popped off my shoulders. That’s disrespecting the rivalry. And I think - everyone listen real close, this is in our DNA, this will never change: How do you really show respect for a rivalry?”

The full article is here: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-football/...

Say what you want about Harbaugh being incapable of beating OSU. And I know we are superior in terms of talent. But anyone who thinks that this rivalry doesn’t produce unlikely outcomes isn’t paying attention to history. 

We win this fall? Business as usual, I’ll be as happy as normal. But a loss would sit different with me, knowing what was said this summer.

Go Bucks



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