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Does the Current Situation Make a Spring Scrimmage vs an Actual Team Likely?

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July 14, 2020 at 10:38am

So for the sake of argument lets say football season is cancelled, the virus plays out and through whatever method (vaccine, shutdown, virus evolves, combination thereof, etc) we reach a point by next spring that programs are able to go through their normal spring camp (maybe with minor adjustments -- but the idea being no infection scares or anything like that).  

IN THAT SCENARIO, given how starved for football we all are and presumably the teams would be... Do you think there will be an appetite for the powers-that-be to line up actual "games" between teams for the final scrimmage -- as opposed to the glorified practice we get now?  My thought is something almost like the old kick-off classic games, a one of, in this case not technically part of any season and for nothing but bragging rights.  

Would love to see Ohio State maybe play Oregon for the Spring Game in Eugene (could make up for the loss of the game this fall).  Obviously we'd probably be without the stars that are going to the draft -- but it would be a fun preview of things to come.  Or maybe they schedule someone not on the docket so as to not basically play the same game twice in one year..... Maybe we swap big OoC games with another big ten team... so like we get Washington and the skunks get Oregon?  

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