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Hilarious Article From Not-Our-Rival

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June 4, 2020 at 1:22pm

Penn State blog Black Shoe Diaries has a great article out today comparing Penn State and Ohio State by each unit and deciding which is better.  I have to assume it's satire, because these are the final results:

QB: Ohio State

RB: Penn State

Receivers: Push

Offensive Line: Penn State

Defensive Line: Push

Linebackers: Penn State

Secondary: Ohio State

Special Teams: Ohio State

Coaching: Penn State

Overall: Penn State


This level of delusion is usually rare outside of Ann Arbor.  I'm not sure which one is the most egregious, but us bringing back three all-conference OL (including an AA) and them still sticking with the home team might be the worst.  Also their best returning WR had 488 yards last year.   Olave had approximately double that (849). 

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