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Looking Ahead: 2021 NFL Lockout Impact on Early Draft Entrants

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January 29, 2020 at 2:11pm

With it being the offseason and 2020 recruiting essentially over, I decided to look into what next offseason might look like. More specifically, next years potential early entrants to the NFL draft. Which got me thinking about the impending lockout that seems more and more likely by the day - word today was that the NFLPA is instructing players to prepare for a potential 2 year lockout. I don't think a 2 year lockout is likely, but I do think the 2021 NFL season might be impacted by the CBA negotiations.

Will any juniors/RS sophomore's consider returning to school who would otherwise be sure-fire draft picks due to the uncertainty around the NFL? A quick glance at OSUs roster shows the most likely underclassmen NFL prospects are:

Justin Fields (JR)
Chris Olave (JR)
Wyatt Davis (RS JR)
Josh Myers (RS JR)
Shaun Wade (RS JR)

The last NFL lockout was in 2011, and it ended in the summer before any games were missed. Draft picks were not able to sign until the lockout came to an end though. This lockout appears to be in more danger of extending into the 2021 season though, so I'm very intrigued at how many high profile college athletes will choose to wait one more season to avoid potentially a year of not getting paid AND not playing football. The XFL draft is an option for some, but the current contract structure in the XFL forbids leaving for the NFL until the contract expires. I think they'd be wise to amend this for the lockout year, as the XFL might be the solution for some prospects who want to go pro, but are weary of the NFLs CBA situation.

So what say you, 11dubers? Is there a chance the Justin Fields returns for his senior year to join Archie as the only 2 time Heisman winners, and lead OSU to back to back National Titles?

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