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Comment 6 hours ago

Stop trying to make something that's literally just a statistical average of position scores and make it about race.

Comment 24 hours ago

Let's remember, our very own Carlos Hyde got a 9 and Terrelle Pryor got a 7. This test means very, very little for the NFL Draft

Comment 24 hours ago

From Wikipedia:

Average score in the NFL by position

Though used in a variety of settings, the Wonderlic test has become best known for its use in the NFL's Scouting Combine. According to Paul Zimmerman's The New Thinking Man's Guide to Pro Football, the average score of a NFL player according to position is the following:

Offensive tackle – 26
Center – 25
Quarterback – 24
Guard – 23
Tight end – 22
Safety – 19
Linebacker – 19
Cornerback – 18
Wide receiver – 17
Fullback – 17
Halfback – 16

Comment 22 Apr 2019

If Johnson isn't committed to UGA by the end of the Summer, I don't think he's leaving the class. I don't think an NSD flip is in the cards for him, he'll be gone by the time his season starts or he'll end up sticking throughout

Comment 19 Apr 2019

If we take 2 RBs this year, we probably only take one next year. The 2020 RB depth chart will look something like this:

1A. Teague (RS Soph)
1B. McCall (RS Sr)
3. Crowley (Soph)
4. Chambers (RS FR)
5. RB1 from 2020 class
6. RB2 from 2020 class

I can't see us take 2 RBs 3 classes in a row, so unless we only take 1 in 2020 or Chambers moves to the LB room I don't see any way we take 2 RBs in 2021. Even if we only take 1 in 2020, unless there's attrition/early entrees to the draft (Teague, maybe?) we still might only take 1 since McCall would be the only one from that list to graduate.

Comment 18 Apr 2019

I honestly hope Day/Marotti give him an ultimatum stating he will only be allowed to sign if he gets down to 330. Kid needs to prove he's committed to losing the weight. 330 would be 25 pounds which is easily doable if the kid is serious about it. Mickey will probably want him closer to 310 if he ever wants to play a game here, but 330 will prove he's serious about improving his body.

Comment 18 Apr 2019

Once Samac committed to Sparty, that ship sailed. He was solid from the time he committed. Mentor emphasizes making your commitment and sticking to it, but the HC told Nick he wouldn't hold it against him if he wanted to flip to OSU since it was the home school. He never waivered. He just felt more comfortable at MSU and committed before OSU even offered.

Source: Head coach is my uncle

Comment 17 Apr 2019

I mean, you literally said he was too slow to play a natural safety position. It's not true at all, but you said it. He absolutely may be a perfect fit for the bullet spot, but 11.2 100M speed (as a 17 year old mind you) is 100% not too slow to play safety is the point I was making.

Comment 17 Apr 2019

Taylor Rapp, one of the best safeties in CFB last year and a likely 2nd round pick next week, just ran a 4.77 40 at his pro day. You don't need 4.4 speed to be an elite safety. 11.2 as a HS JR is far from slow

Comment 17 Apr 2019

I would say we need a true FS in this class, but I'm still convinced Lejond ends up an All American safety. I think the guys game just screams Malik Hooker to me. I personally want to add 3 more CBs plus Hyatt Jr. and call it a day in the secondary. 

Comment 16 Apr 2019

You got a source on him saying he doesn't care about defense? Because this 11W article from February has a quote that says otherwise.

I think I can do it all,” Roderick said. “I can really score in every (way): 3-pointer, I can drive to the hoop, I can pull up and score. And then also, I feel like I'm improving on my defense, and I think that's an area I've got to improve on.”

So yeah, he admits it's not his strong suit, but that sure as hell doesn't say "I don't care about defense." By most accounts, the kid is the opposite of selfish. I have no issues with OSU not taking him, but trashing him is a bad look for you and our fanbase.

Comment 16 Apr 2019

Fortunately, missing high is typically the result of over throwing (possibly trying to show off his arm strength?) and is something that can be corrected.

I wasn't able to watch the game, so I can't speak to his deep balls, but regularly missing high is one of the more easily corrected issues for most quarterbacks. Not that anything to do with playing QB is easy, but when it comes to accuracy problems high throws can be fixed more easily than other issues.

Comment 11 Apr 2019

Considering Diallo's primary recruiter just left for the Elon job he's probably leaning Pitt anyways at the moment

Comment 11 Apr 2019

I will admit that I have not cared for Ryan Day since the beginning. I also must admit that I don’t know why. I’m trying to be open about him as HC, but if there are things that I don’t like, I will say so.

So let me get this straight... you haven't found anything you don't like about him yet, but you still don't care for him and never have? Yikes, tough look.

Comment 10 Apr 2019

Those customers are expecting something akin to a real game

They shouldn't be, because it hasn't been in 7 years. It's on those customers if they actually think they're going to see a live game, not the university.

And that does not happen unless you provide an expected benefit to the paying customer

Football in April is the benefit, there's a reason we regularly have 80-100k people in attendance and it's not because it's advertised as a live football game.

Comment 10 Apr 2019

It's disappointing from an entertainment standpoint sure, but Ryan Day isn't hosting a spring game for the customers. It's not about the customers at all, and they aren't hiding that the game will not be very much like a game. If you choose to spend money, you're doing so with the understanding that you're going to a glorified practice. People attend because its a taste of football in the offseason, not because they're expecting to see a true football game.

Comment 10 Apr 2019

Has Day seen McCord throw in person yet? I'm sure he's pretty much sold on him and likely won't tell him no if he wants to commit, but I imagine he'd prefer to see our top QB options throw in person at FNL before accepting a commitment

Comment 09 Apr 2019

I know you mean Henry Gray, but he won't be our best or first defensive recruit lmao. Lejond is committing Friday, and Darrion Henry probably not too long from now either. 

Also, you know Clemson's 5th highest recruit is a guy LJ said "lose some weight and come camp and then we'll talk" to right? People have different scheme fits/needs an say no to kids that most schools dream of landing (like Clemson only taking 1 DB + Venables kid). Clemson is admittedly killing it and will be a regular in the CFP. But pretending OSU is getting scraps is laughable and frankly embarrassing on your part. In terms of per player rankings OSU's current roster compares favorably to anyone in the country (by a quick calculation we're 2nd in per player rankings from 2017-20).