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Comment 2 hours ago

I’m here for the message boards, I’ll admit it

Just because you choose to only utilize the forums does not mean 11W is not a media outlet that provides real content and their employees don't qualify as journalists...

Comment 2 hours ago

I know they're just playing touch but not a single one of those LBs would have actually gotten Bijan to the ground in live action except maybe the jump cut in the very first clip. He gon be goooood

Comment 3 hours ago

1. Wtf is a "real" story? 11W writes original pieces with regularity.
2. Being paid to write stories and cover news/events is literally the definition of journalism, so yes they are journalists in every sense of the word.
3. Yahoo sports is both free and uses ad money from clicks to generate revenue... by your logic is it not also a fan blog then?

You can certainly make a valid case the Sammy Silv is easily replaceable at OSU, but there's 0 chance of winning an argument that Eleven Warriors is a fan blog lmao. It's an Ohio State media outlet with paid writers, a television show, a radio show, and the largest independent sports website on the internet. Just because it's free doesn't make it a blog.

Comment 3 hours ago

Richard Sherman already doing that for us!

So many people are caught up on the 4.7 he ran at The Opening regional back in May, but nobody seems to care about the 4.7 Milton ran. Don't take that as bashing Milton either, he's a monster and deserving of 5 stars. But speed is the primary critique of Scott which makes no sense when it clearly hasn't stopped him from dominating at every camp he attends.

Comment 3 hours ago

Seems that more recruits wanted to go home and discuss and set a proper date than expected. Givler extended the window to 6 weeks to account for this

Comment 3 hours ago

Huh, TIL a website with paid beat writers, paid graphic designers, a retained legal counsel, and media credentials to OSU events is nothing more than a fan blog.

Better tell some of the staff to make sure their resume strictly says "blogger" and not reporter/beat writer. Wouldn't want them to be dishonest about their position with the site.

You call 11W a fan blog but I'M the one who doesn't have a firm grip on reality... riiiiight

Comment 3 hours ago

Glad that whole exchange happened at like 280 comments... I promise I'm done poking the trolls lol, just couldn't help myself

Comment 4 hours ago

According to TRIV on this site,  Kyle McCord should just come to OSU to fluff up Jack Miller's ego before each practice and game..

Ahh, we've now resorted to putting words in my mouth! You're on fire today, buddy. Let's correct this for you:

According to Triv, we should let recruits actually enroll before we call someone a placeholder or declare someone the next big thing. Both Miller and McCord are great recruits who will compete for the starting job when they arrive on campus.

Comment 4 hours ago

And if you think JK Dobbins is a top draft pick your obviously insane.

Top draft pick vs UDFA is a HUGE gap, and JK will almost assuredly be closer to the 1st round than he will to the 7th. My guess is somewhere in the 3rd. He's also a top 5 RB on most major draft boards at this point, so you're obviously a better scout than those who do this for a living.

He couldn't get us a 3rd and 1 at all last year

Archie Griffin wouldn't have converted a 3rd and 1 behind our offensive line scheme last year. If you think Dobbins short yardage issues were talent related, the rest of this conversation isn't really worth having because you didn't pay very close attention.

Master Teague and Marcus Crowley are way better than JK, faster, more physical

JK Dobbins ran a laser timed 4.44 at The Opening his SR year of HS. Teague ran an unofficial 4.31, so he's probably close to that speed too. Last I checked neither has run for 2500 yards at OSU. They very well could, but at this point in time the only one of the three that "way better" applies to is JK.

So if my opinion is different than yours you have to bash me right...?  Typical I'm better than you and know more than you attitude. 

No, I'm fine with differing opinions. It's when you start bashing OSU players and recruits either A. before they ever step foot on campus (Miller) or B. when they're likely going to finish in the top 5 rushers in OSU history (Dobbins is 900 yards from 5th place). When you make insane statements about players talent levels, expect to be met with corrections based in fact (something you clearly aren't a fan of). Obviously I can't base anything about Miller around facts, it's just a shitty look in general to call a top 100 kid "a placeholder."

Comment 4 hours ago

Been waiting a long time for Mentor to show up! My dad played there and my uncle is the current head coach. Unfortunately he's 0-4 in state titles in the last 15 years, and is retiring after this season as the winningest coach in Mentor history. They lost a lot, including Potter and Jacoby to OSU, but they have the talent to make another run at the title this year and Kipp is the real deal at QB

Comment 4 hours ago

This is a bad take, and you deserve every downvote you're likely going to get

Edit: This is also coming from the guy who called JK Dobbins a likely undrafted free agent and not one of the best 2 RBs on Ohio State's roster. So probably smart to just ignore anything he says

Comment 4 hours ago

Answer my question with another question...sneaky avoidance tactic.

Considering I'm not the one arguing about how good OSUs recruiting class is going to be, not really sure what I'm avoiding. Just pointing out that you say Fields performance/an injury could negatively impact recruiting but appear to ignore it regarding Patterson.

If your argument about backups is because you think Michigan would be just fine without Patterson, it's a very weak one. Because it implies you believe there will not be a drop off in play if your starter gets hurt. McCaffrey has thrown 6 meaningful passes in his career (The ND game), for a total of 22 yards and looked relatively pedestrian, albeit against a very good Notre Dame defense. Milton has not thrown a meaningful pass in his career.

I think it's a pretty safe bet that if Patterson gets hurt, or plays top competition at similar level as he did at Ole Miss, that Michigan is not competing for the B1G title. I don't disagree that OSU is in trouble if Fields gets injured or is not as good as advertised, but it's foolish to assume Michigan is just fine if McCaffrey or Milton has to play meaningful minutes this year, there is a reason they have not been given snaps over Patterson. 

Comment 5 hours ago

Regardless of whether or not you agree with Silv being a big loss, it doesn't change the fact that the condescending response it received wasn't related to anything in my original post. That's why it got downvoted to oblivion.

As for this take, calling Silverman a "meme jockey" is on par with calling 11W a fan blog. He's without question one of the best creative designers in all of college sports (good enough to start his own business doing graphic design and bring clients with him, clearly).

Comment 7 hours ago

The comment itself is the only thing that shows a lack of common sense. It was grayed out because the community understands that my comment had absolutely nothing to do with recruiting. Speaking condescendingly towards someone regarding a topic that wasn't even discussed in the original comment is going to get grayed out 100 times out of 100.

Comment 7 hours ago

At the opening regional McCord measured 6'3.5" to McCarthy's 6'2"

So while some services may list them at the same height (247 does not, it has the opening measurements), they are certainly a few inches apart.

McCord is also 23 pounds heavier (204 vs 181), with McCarthy appearing to be a slightly better athlete (4.87 40 for JJ and 5.07 for Kyle, shuttle almost identical at 4.47 or JJ and 4.50 for Kyle, and a 30 inch vert for JJ vs 26 for Kyle)

Comment 7 hours ago

Have you considered the possibility Fields doesn't pan out and/or gets injured and how that might impact your expectations?

Have you considered the same of Patterson?

The only time he's played in a spread (his 2nd year at Ole Miss) he threw 9 INTs in 7 games, and only 3 of those games came against teams with a pulse on defense (he threw for 2 TDs and 5 INTs against those 3 teams). He has a gunslinger mentality, and has not demonstrated the elite accuracy to back it up at this stage of his career. Unless he's drastically improved his decision making (4 INTs over his final 3 games last year don't seem to indicate that) Patterson is going to turn the ball over a lot this year in the new scheme, implemented by a person who has never called plays in their career.

Comment 24 Jun 2019

All good, the Robinson hype train is moving very quickly these days

Comment 24 Jun 2019

Edit: Urbz beat me to it in directing you to the recruiting threads. Spooner and co do a great job keeping people up to date on this type of info in a near-live fashion (for example, all of this info has been posted in the last hour or two in those threads, down to the embedded tweets even).

Comment 24 Jun 2019

Holy putting words in my mouth Batman!

I didn't even remotely insinuate this would cost us recruits. Hell, I didn't even mention the word recruiting. Please read the entire post before replying, it's literally a single sentence.

Losing arguably the best graphic designer in college football is objectively a big loss for Ohio State. That sentence does not even approach the topic of Ryan Day or recruits, so not really sure what you're going on about tbh.

Comment 24 Jun 2019

2014 Natty season, Michigan game. Me and 3 of my roommates were in our usual student seats, but right next to us was a dad with his ~12 year old kid (don't remember exactly, but he said 5th or 6th grade). Obviously some of things yelled at OSU/UM games from the student section are a smidge inappropriate for 12 year old ears. As the game ends one of my roommates and I go shake the dad's hand and apologize for some of our vulgarity....

Before the dad could even speak the 12 year old looked us in the eyes and said "I don't care. Fuck Michigan!"

Little man got a lot of high fives that day, and I swear I saw one of the proudest looks on that dad's face.

Comment 20 Jun 2019

I’m trying to beat fucking cancer at the moment

I honestly wonder if those arguing with you even realize this. Arguing whether or not joking about kids with cancer is in poor taste with somebody who is literally battling cancer is about as dense as it gets, so I assume they are just unaware. Keep fighting the good fight Poppy, and keep kicking cancer's ass. We're all pulling for you.

Comment 20 Jun 2019

So PSU boards have "trusted sources" claiming OSU has recruiting violations and the sex abuse scandal (which has nothing to do with the football program... not sure what the NCAA would even punish us for after revoking PSUs punishment despite the abuser being a football coach and not punishing MSU at all). And OSU boards say Penn State recruits are bailing because the football team has a serious problem with hard drugs.

Gotta love the offseason lol