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Comment 3 hours ago

I'd go as far as to call Strong a lock too. He's run with the 1s in every team outing (obviously without OBJ and Landry on the field). I think it's clear he's in a tier above Montgomery/Willies/Baker/Hyman/Sheehy and a tier below Higgins/Callaway.

So by my count there's really only one open spot, two for the first 4 games with Callaway out.

Comment 3 hours ago

chances are he will take Sheehy's spot on the 53.

If they had to cut to 53 today, I'm almost positive Sheehy gets cut. He simply doesn't provide enough outside of raw speed (he even bobbled the punt he took to the house). It's more likely that neither make the roster. I'm pulling for Braxton to win that 6th WR spot, but there's a good bit of talent competing for it (Willies, Hyman, Baker, etc.).

I think if they made the call today Willies gets the nod at WR6 and return duties would be handled by D'Ernest Johnson and Dontrell Hilliard.

Comment 3 hours ago

Gordon 2.0 with WAY less talent.  

Gordon had a substance abuse problem. He's literally on record saying he showed up to games wasted.

Callaway made a dumbass decision in college getting involved with the credit card scandal and likes to smoke weed. He's an idiot, but he's not even remotely close to Josh Gordon's level of drug issues.

Comment 4 hours ago

He'll be added to the 4 or 5 man race for the 6th WR spot behing OBJ, Landry, Higgins, Callaway, and Strong.

Competing with Ratley, Willies, Baker, Hyman, Sheehy, etc.

Comment 5 hours ago

Herman hadn't been outed as a dirt bag 4 years ago...

What is so hard about that for you to understand? Unless you've spent the last 3 years under a rock with no access to college football related media, you can't in good faith state that the situation with Herman isn't drastically different than it was when we won the national title in 2014.

Wonder why most fan bases hate us

We win. A lot. And we celebrate those wins. A lot. I couldn't care less what other fanbases think about OSU when there's really only 2 or 3 that can even sniff the levels of success OSU has had.

Comment 20 Aug 2019

The offense in the first 7 games of 2015 looked much more like the 2018 offense than it did the 2014 or 2016 offense from a stylistic standpoint. It just didn't succeed because we had a mediocre (at best) offensive coordinator/play caller/wide receiver coach.

Cardale averaged less than 8 carries per game in his half of the season that he started, but tell me more about how Urban tried to shove the JT offense down his throat. The passing offense didn't take off because 1. Day >>>> Warriner/Beck 2. Haskins > Cardale and 3. Hartline >>> Zach Smith.

You haven't been paying attention even a little bit if you think Urban has kept the same offense for every QB.

Comment 19 Aug 2019

You can say all you want that the defense was terrible, but it would still fare the 26th best against an average Offense.  

This is assuming S&P+ is 100% accurate... which we saw first hand that our defense did not fare 26th best against the average offenses of Maryland, Purdue, Oregon State, etc. So it's pretty safe to say the S&P is every bit as misguided as the average fans eye test if that's what it gave. You could have 4 HoF DL on one team, but if that team gives up the amount of yards and points that OSU did last year, it's clearly not a top 25 defense. To argue the 2018 defense wasn't only above average, but bordering on the best 15% of defenses in college football is well... indefensible

I didn't use the eye test for NW, but I also didn't try to shove a janky formula that somehow spits out that OSU had a borderline top 25 defense. The stats that ultimately matter at the end of the day are yards (391 yards per game and nearly 6 yards per play) and points (23.2 ppg)... Northwestern was mediocre to terrible in both metrics while playing in a division with 0 elite offenses (they played exactly one top 20 offense, and 3 top 50 offenses. They played 3 bottom 20 offenses)

Comment 16 Aug 2019

Buckeyes were 26th and Sooners 84th in S&P+

Any metric that ranked Ohio State in the top 30 defenses is hilariously misguided. S&P+ has it's benefits, but if that's what it spits out for OSU it's significantly flawed.

NW did have a pretty solid run defense, but by just about any other metric they were pretty mediocre (even by S&P standards... run defense is the only metric that cracked the top 50)

Comment 16 Aug 2019

 Still looks like a team that can't compete outside the division

Fun fact: The Indians record outside of the AL Central is 39-29 (.573). The Yankees record outside the AL East is 33-26 (.559).

While the overall record against playoff contenders is not very good, they are 11-9 against teams currently in the playoff picture since June 2nd (if you include TEX and LAA that number jumps to 18-12, but they were a little too far out of it for me to consider)

Nobody expects the Indians to compete with HOU and NYY for the next decade. But to say they can't win outside the division is objectively a false statement.

I don't think they'll be bottom feeders but the reign over the central felt over to me when I posted this and still does today.. 

Indians currently have 3 top 100 prospects per rankings. Moving Lindor in 2 years will fetch at least another 2 as he's arguably the best SS in the game. Kluber will likely be moved for another one. The Indians develop SP talent arguably better than any other team in baseball (2nd fewest SP earned runs in the MLB despite 3 of our original starting 5 not being with the team), and have top young hitters like Reyes and Jose signed through 2023, and promising guys on rookie deals in Mercado and Naquin. Is Cleveland a lock to dominate the Central for the next 5-10 years? No. But the cupboard is far from bare and I'd wager a good sum of money they win the division more often than they lose it between now and 2025.

Comment 16 Aug 2019

Don't get me wrong I am extremely thrilled to see the athletic department expanding the availability of mental health resources.

But the University HAS to better staff the mental health facilities that are available to the average student. Student's are allowed 10 free counseling sessions, but the waitlist for those sessions often is weeks or even months due to understaffing. It's awesome that the student athlete's get this increased availability, but I really wish the ordinary student would be afforded the same benefit.

Mental health one of the few areas where I firmly fall on the side that the resources available to student athletes should be the same resources available to an average student. Just because a normal student doesn't generate the revenue of a football player should not mean he/she should have to wait a month to take advantage of the mental health resources available to them.

Comment 15 Aug 2019

I love all these predictions but...

1. Offense breaks records for points scored and point differential.

Points scored is possible I guess albeit unlikely in a conference with such strong defenses (723 points is the all time record). Point differential is never going to be broken in any of our lifetimes. 1944 Army won by an average of 52.1 points.

Now if you're only talking OSU records, that might be more obtainable

Comment 15 Aug 2019

I'd wager a significant portion of my life savings that if concussions were tracked in the 80s/90s/early 2000s, they'd be drastically higher than the 2017 "all time high." Though that may be difficult to track, because until very recently many concussions would go unreported and people would just play through them. Reported concussions != concussions that actually occurred. 

Equipment, medical help, and rules (yes helmet to helmet still happens, but certainly not at the rate it did prior to it being penalized so heavily) have all improved significantly in the last 2 decades to combat head injuries. I think that's where he's coming from with "game has never been safer"

Comment 15 Aug 2019

We get them off a bye at least, and like Nebraska, Northwestern also was pretty terrible defensively last year (ranked just 8 spots ahead of Ohio State) and they lost 5 defensive starters.

Hunter Johnson will need to be as advertised and then some for the offense to be any good this year. NW had one of the worst offenses in the big ten last year, allowed the most sacks in the conference, and lost 3 starters on the OL.

Obviously OSU has made a habit of losing to inferior teams once a year, but Northwestern is going to be heavily reliant on Hunter Johnson being a 1st round caliber QB if they want to make any noise this year.

Comment 15 Aug 2019

Even Clemson really, the QB they took in 2019 was a borderline 4 star (composite .91 ranking) ranked outside the top 200. So they spaced out Lawrence and DJ with a guy who will almost certainly never see the field.

Miller and McCord in consecutive classes is great, but ultimately in today's era of "play or transfer" at the QB position it seems more likely than not that one of them leaves the program before graduating. The one thing that could change that though is if Miller is THAT good, and appears to be a lock to leave after 3 years. That would allow McCord to start as a RS Soph which may be enough to convince him to stay

Comment 14 Aug 2019

That's extremely poor taste if your version of "100% transparent" means he doesn't actually have any mental health struggles.

I generally disagree with a majority of the times you get downvoted here, but this comment deserved every one that it got.

Comment 14 Aug 2019

Any chance to get a breakdown of the penalties? Offense vs Defense, by individual penalties, or anything to give a bit more info on how the Buckeyes were penalized so much?

Comment 14 Aug 2019

Jim Harbaugh is not.

While on vacation one year I met someone who played for Harbaugh at San Diego. He told me that Harbaugh preached a system to his players on how to choose a woman, called BLAME.

B: Breeding, choose someone who can produce an athlete
L: Lettuce, make sure her family has money
A: Age/Attractiveness of... (continue to M)
M: Mother, that's what she will look like at that age
E: Education, book not street smart because a street smart girl doesn't need you

I'm not shocked he wasn't well liked.