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The Scholarship Crunch

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January 4, 2020 at 12:51pm

With Shaun Wade's decision to comeback, I got to wondering where we sat with the scholarship numbers.  I omitted those guys who are departing early.  I am counting 88 players on scholarship... This includes Justin Hillard and C.J. Saunders.  It also includes that we hold onto the Cam Martinez offer.  As I looked at the scholarship grid, with all the entire offensive line returning, exception being Jonah Jackson... I have to think that room may experience some attrition over the off season.  Just thinking out loud.  Are there any worries on the numbers, if, and a big if, we can persuade Jahmyr Gibbs to come on board?  After probably the worst week imaginable with multiple basketball losses and that disaster in the desert... Shaun's return is much welcomed good news!  Here's to putting that last week behind us.  I am getting amped up 2020.

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