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Is Ryan Day’s Personality Such That Even Outsiders Can’t Dislike Him?

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January 3, 2020 at 12:56pm

Let me make clear at the outset: I am a big fan of what Ryan Day has brought to the program so far (going back to when Urban brought him on board).

I applaud both what he has done on the field along with the way he carries himself.  As one small example of the latter: I thought he handled with grace the questions put to him in the immediate aftermath of the Clemson game.  I can only imagine what Dabo’s or Nick’s responses would have been in that situation.

And this leads me to: there are unquestionably opposing coaches we detest for various reasons—and obviously there have been Buckeye coaches who have generated intense dislike from some opposing fans.

But, really, who could possibly despise Ryan Day?  He seems so authentic. And I bring this up in terms of possible future recruiting advantages because I see him as someone parents would really gravitate to and trust their sons with.  I realize how important position coaches are in the process but, still, Day is the face of the program.

This likability factor coupled with his NFL experience are, I think, two major selling points in attracting some of the very best players—and they are part of why I am so hopeful of continued success for the program in the coming years.


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