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4th and 1 (Regarding Last Night's Game)

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December 29, 2019 at 9:13pm

In the 4th quarter after OSU were up again, we got to a 4&1 at the opponent's 40 and decided to take the 5 yard penalty to give our punter more room to kick. If OSU were up by 3 points instead of 2, would we have went for it? I feel it would of been worth trying in that position because we could of kept milking the clock and potentially clinching the game a touchdown. With the lead only 2 points, we had no choice but to punt because Clemson could of potentially won with just a fg and only needed 40-45 yards to get there. I still don't understand why Day did not go for 2 after taking the lead. Also, the d we played after the punt was horrendous.

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