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Comment 01 Apr 2020

Requiem For a Dream is a great and tragic ending

I'll add There Will Be Blood as well

Comment 12 Mar 2020
I assume it's to prevent what's currently happening in a place such as Italy to happen over here. The number of infected and death toll are climbing pretty fast over there.
Comment 08 Mar 2020
I don't think hate is the right word here because I like his earlier stuff, but I don't get the continued praise of Eminem.
Comment 03 Mar 2020
The last 3 games Baron had lapses that lead to big plays. In the Wisconsin game, Browning did the exact same thing that he did in the Clemson game. Misreading the play which took him out of the area which lead to 2 long TD runs. Those were just 2 examples, there are quite a bit more if you spotlight him. I agree Browning has a higher upside, but that is at edge rusher. His most impactful plays were when he was able to put his hand on the ground and get after the QB. Browning has a very good first step and if he played edge rusher primarily, I think can get double digit sacks. I wanted tuf to benched early too because he was struggling, but as the season went on, he started to play solid and was a sure tackler. Also wasn't allowing mental mistakes that Browning was.
Comment 02 Mar 2020
By any chance, did you watch the defense during the end of the season? Among the players playing significant minutes, Baron Browning was the biggest liability. He couldn't tackle well in space and often was out of position or reading the play wrong. Not saying Tuf was a world beater or anything, but he wasn't allowing the big plays that Browning was.
Comment 28 Feb 2020
Not liking their music and calling them garbage are separate things. Even if you don't like it, I don't see how anyone can say they're not talented, unlike mumble rappers for example.
Comment 27 Feb 2020

This is my biggest one for me as well. I don't really care for Bono's voice at all so I instantly change the song if start hearing him sing.

Comment 27 Feb 2020

So much damage? The Beatles are still held at a very high regard and many consider them the best band of all time.  I don't think many people have even listened to recent Paul McCartney either so don't see how he damaged the brand at all.

Comment 26 Feb 2020

Wish Tony Rizzo could be suspended with Grossi as well.  I still remember him going after Joe Thomas of all people.

Comment 03 Feb 2020
I'm sorry, didn't want to start another thread but I understand it may have been warranted. has an article up "49ers Bosa Roasted after missing out on missing Trump". So I assume it has something to do with his political views. I looked on Twitter and they are making Nick Bosa out to be a Klansman. I wouldn't have even seen it if there were no ridiculous articles like the one in I agree with the Chiefs being the champs.
Comment 03 Feb 2020
Yes, I believe you're right. I am a fan of not calling every holding penalty, but the obvious ones should be called like when an offensive lineman is beaten so bad that his only move is to grab the d-lineman from behind. I remember in the Michigan game, same thing happened to Chase Young and it was not called as well. The play resulted in a TD.
Comment 03 Feb 2020
I never realized how disliked Nick Bosa is for his political views and not liking certain movies/ music. These views are enough to classify him as a racist. Some of these articles online about him are ridiculous and don't even start on social media.
Comment 03 Feb 2020
This is about Nick Bosa but didn't feel like making a new thread. I don't understand how the Chiefs weren't called for holding on that 3&15 play where Nick Bosa was being held for dear life so he wouldn't get to Mahomes. If the referees were "letting them play" then I don't think George Little should of been called for opi as well. Come to think of it, I don't think the Chiefs were called for any holding in the whole game against the best dline in football.
Comment 23 Jan 2020
I think this could be our best interior O-line we ever had, especially if Harry Miller is as good as advertised. They dominated last year and I could see both Davis/Myers to be better. Should be fun to watch.
Comment 21 Jan 2020
Ikr. Sucks for Odin Lloyd to be shot multiple times execution style by your girlfriend's sister's boyfriend. After the shooter did it and was convicted, he showed zero remorse of the killing.
Comment 19 Jan 2020
Huh? I think the crimes he committed did enough to "assassinate his character." Why would him being bi or having a bad upbringing be worse than the actual crimes he committed? Don't see any reason to make those things up.
Comment 15 Jan 2020
Baron Browning may have more straight line speed and a faster first step, but his lateral quickness is nowhere near that of Pete Werner's. He is very stiff.