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Comment 11 Jan 2019
In the game against Michigan State, Ohio State should of attacked their secondary a lot more than they did. Msu had a very bad secondary but the front 7 was really strong and hard to run against. I only recall one deep pass and Braxton Miller was open by about 5 yards, only problem was the pass was overthrown by the same amount. It was impossible to throw in the 4th, but not for the whole game. So not giving Zeke was indeed a problem, but not taking advantage of a terrible secondary was worse.
Comment 04 Jan 2019
I am sure Justin Fields felt the same way about Fromm as Martell feels about him. Why else is he transferring after a year in school? So I do not get why all the fans jumping on Martell when Fields did the exact same thing. These guys are competitive and think they are the best.
Comment 02 Dec 2018
Ah Georgia since they are considered better emphatically over Ohio State
Comment 02 Dec 2018
Such a boring game that will give Ohio State zero credit if they win just like last year
Comment 02 Dec 2018
It shows that there was more a discussion of putting 2 sec teams instead of Ohio State. Pretty telling if you ask me
Comment 02 Dec 2018
If Ohio State does not get in, I want the 4th team to be Georgia just to prove how much a sham this committee really is.
Comment 02 Dec 2018
Yep certain teams get a benefit of the doubt that others do not get. Look at all the overrated sec teams boosting up the schedules of Alabama and Georgia. This committee is awful
Comment 02 Dec 2018

I think Dremont Jones will be the best pro on the current d-line. Chase Young has tremendous potential, but needs to improve in the run game. Dremont Jones on the other hand, has been the most consistent defensive player on the team, and he has great athleticism as well. Easily has been the top d-lineman on the team, and seems like he has been the forgotten man by the fans. Does not make sense to me.  Chase Young reminds me too much of Mingo at this point, great athletic specimen but may not have the best techniques of a d-lineman.  He can not just get by with his athleticism at the next level, needs to improve his technique to be great.

Comment 01 Dec 2018
I wonder why he did not say the same thing in 2015 when Ohio State clearly was a top 4 team. The only loss was in a downpour with swirling winds.
Comment 01 Dec 2018
Kareem Hunt did play high school football in Ohio, Urban should of punished Kareem before he attacked that girl. So it is obviously Urban's fault.
Comment 01 Dec 2018

Since Reuben was coached by Saban, what is her comment on him and if he is proud as well?  Tying in either of them into this Reuben case is stupid and I am in no way blaming Saban just to be clear lol.  It is typical though that a "journalist" at ESPN looks at the accusation  rather than  at all the facts before opening up their mouth.  When there is no arrest or charges filed, is Urban supposed to fire Zach on the spot?  Sure Urban could of fired him because he was incompetent and not giving 100% at the job, but the domestic violence claims are cloudy at best.

Comment 26 Nov 2018
Jabrill Peppers was a big reach at the time and I hated the pick. Having said that, I believe out of everyone on the team, he has improved the most from the previous year. Not saying he is a star player, but he has definitely gotten better.
Comment 17 Nov 2018
It is good, but extremely overrated. It appears nobody on the d-line is a run stuffer like a Sam Hubbard last year. Great at rushing and getting to the passer, and that is about it. Missing Nick Boss badly