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Comment 18 Jan 2021
Coaches like Bill and Saban don't grow on trees either.
Comment 18 Jan 2021
This is exactly my feeling as well. Only thing I disagree with is that Belicheck wouldn't win any super bowls without Tom Brady. Some of those Patriots teams were some of the best ever, including the year where Matt Cassell of all people lead them to 11 wins. You telling me a Peyton Manning or any of the other great QBs win a super bowl behind Bill?
Comment 18 Jan 2021
Early in his career, Tom Brady was a game manager and relied on the great New England defenses and Adam Vinatari's leg. This year's New England team has one of the 3 worst skill groups in all of football and still won 7 games. Brady and Bill are both great and it's silly to downplay either one. So you cannot say without a doubt that New England was more about Brady.
Comment 17 Jan 2021
I don't know how Sean Payton could keep going with Drew Brees, especially when they needed to push the ball downfield. Jameis was the guy they needed late in the 4th to help move the ball in a hurry. I know Drew meant a lot for the Saints organization, but he wasn't the best option tonight. The guy was struggling on throws past 10 yards. I think Green Bay is gonna take Tampa behind the woodshed. Tom Brady is an amazing QB and quite possibly the greatest, but he wasn't even one of the top 3 reasons why Tampa is moving on to the next round.