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The Most Michigan Thing I’ve Heard Today

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December 11, 2019 at 7:51pm

I was listening to Mark Packer earlier and a caller with the same name as our own beloved coach (he said he was the original, since he was born first) comes on the air.  He and Mark talked about how Michigan, and Don Brown in particular, were out-schemed against OSU and that Brown should go, citing DJ Durkin’s success against us in 2016 when (of course he said this), the refs “gave OSU a phantom inch.”  That’s not surprising.  

Packer then asked about the upcoming Alabama game and the potential for players to sit it out came up.  Things were going well for a few seconds, then our esteemed Michigan Man dropped the following:  “I don’t want to beat Alabama if they’re not at full strength.”  

My first thought, other than to laugh, was to realize that Michigan fandom had reached a new level of playing-the-victim status that even I, am avowed TTUN hater, never saw coming:  Michigan can be a victim, again, if they (somehow, miraculously) WIN a bowl game against a blue blood, if that opponent isn’t at full strength. And when they lose, and they will, their victim culture will enable them to assign blame to anyone but that sham of a program.  Basically, Michigan Man can’t lose for winning or losing!  PURE GENIUS!

While I have zero understanding of (and even less sympathy for) what could make a real fan say that, I do take particular pleasure in knowing that OSU is almost solely responsible for the emotional state of the TTUN fanbase.  I sleep perfectly at night knowing that. 

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