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Graduated from OSU in '97 in Metallurgical Engineering. I almost went to Michigan, but my dad told me I'd have to change my last name. He was the smartest man who ever lived.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: #1: Zeke's run through Alabama. #2: Cie Grant throwing Dorsey to the ground on the last play in '03.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Eddie George, Braxton Miller, Kenny Guiton, Zeke.
  • NFL TEAM: Steelers
  • NHL TEAM: Penguins
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Pirates
  • SOCCER TEAM: Seriously???

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Comment 7 hours ago
Antonio Brown's bitching and moaning when his QB doesn't know how he'll adjust his routes will probably drive Carr out eventually, anyway. I hate the Raiders, but Haskins could probably live well in the AFC West after he settles in. Of course, Gruden doesn't like playing young QBs, so that works against him, I suppose.
Comment 20 Mar 2019
Wishing Dwayne all the best in the NFL. He could be a great one. But what I took away is Day's personality. He's funny, extremely smart and detail-oriented, and not eccentric or unbalanced. If I were a HS kid being recruited, it would be hard to say no; there's a lot going on with him beyond just coaching. I hope that translates into wins on the field and the recruiting trail, because if he gets momentum, look out.
Comment 19 Mar 2019
Yep. He's brash, not really all that likeable, and got out of Dodge in the face of a QB battle. While I mourn the eventual change to college football, I don't begrudge him at all. It wasn't his case that opened the floodgates for "free agency". Patterson cracked the door a bit, Fields pushed it open, and Tate walked through. Maybe he can help Miami beat Clemson? That's probably something we could all get behind.
Comment 15 Mar 2019
Clint - I can't say I'm level-headed about football, but with basketball, I'm happy to entertain good debate :). I was (and still am) a huge Matta fan, but it seemed like he and his teams were out of energy toward the end, and the recruiting AND retention had taken a major nosedive, which were huge red flags IMHO. The nerve damage from his back surgery didn't help either, I'm sure. I, for one, like Holtmann's style and coaching. I do wish this team had a more obvious strength program, though, as the Bucks seem to struggle with physical teams. A group like Tennessee or Duke might easily beat them by 30+ this year, especially given the terrible starts they've had.
Comment 15 Mar 2019
No DV from me, Clint, but who would you have rather seen as HC? I'm seriously asking because I'm curious. I know the names that the national media rattled off were Donovan, Hoiberg, McDermott, Sean Miller (PHEW! Dodged that one), and Chris Jent before Holtmann emerged. Or were you content with the job Thad was doing? Again, I'm just wondering because I haven't seen a #take like yours around here before and disagreement and debate are good.
Comment 09 Mar 2019

We’ve lived in Northern VA about 25 miles south of DC for six years and enjoy it.  I work in Crystal City right next to the Pentagon and even that isn’t a bad commute every day.  There are lots of things to see and do and, while the traffic sucks, there are a gazillion commuter options, including a very strong Uber/Lyft scene, the best subway system anywhere IMHO, commuter rail, and bike/scooter-share if that’s your thing.  If you’re into live music, the Clarendon area of Arlington is great every weekend.  We used to favorite a place called Iota for great local bands, food, and drink.  As others have said, you’re a short (distance-wise) drive from some of the most beautiful areas of the country with the Appalacians, and taking your significant other on a winery tour through the region southwest of the city is strongly encouraged.  The National Harbor is great and the MGM Grand resort and casino opened there two years ago as well.  

The high-crime area is SE DC along the I-295 corridor in Prince George’s County, and there has also been a strong and violent incursion by MS13 into the Springfield and Manassas areas (~15 and 35 miles south-southeast of DC, respectively) over the last four years. The Air Force made a very pointed note to stay away from those areas while I was on active duty, so be warned.  Thankfully, our town has been spared, probably due to the cost of living, LOL!  

Good luck, Cooper!

Comment 09 Mar 2019
Imagine if Parris' hands had been there the whole time? He was devastating the last 1.5 years when it all came together.
Comment 08 Mar 2019
I see your point and can offer a counter-example: When I played HS baseball, our star (who went on to play D1), got busted for drinking just as we were going into our conference tournament and was suspended. As a condition of reinstatement, our coach made him come to practice and watch silently, and ride the bench in street clothes for three games. He sulked during the first game, and then realized that he could learn something by paying attention, listening, and talking to the coaches about strategies, alignments, picking up pitching "tells", etc. that he otherwise never considered in the heat of a game. He returned a humble, hungry, and angry (in a good way) player and teammate in time for a run deep into the state tourney. Maybe that's what Holtmann is trying to do.
Comment 05 Mar 2019
The sarcasm is well played, man, well played.