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Nothing Has Changed in My Mind...we Are Going to Win the National Championship

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December 8, 2019 at 8:55pm

I have no idea why Buckeye fans are so pessimistic and neurotic. For crying out loud, we just finished a season where we didn't win by less than two scores and we had a record-setting point differential. We're the only team in the playoff with 5 ranked wins and wins over 10 conference opponents. We led the country in scoring offense and were second in scoring defense and the team who is #1 (Clemson) played an awful schedule where their only ranked win is against #24 Virginia (newsflash: this isn't basketball and Ralph Sampson isn't playing center for the Cavaliers). 

We have a young, hungry, innovative head coach and a great coaching staff. Why in the hell is everyone on here whining, bitching and moaning? Clemson's fanbase thinks this is a done deal and it sounds like a lot of you do too. I live in Vegas, who's willing to bet the farm on Clemson? Send my your cash through Venmo and I will plunk it all down on Clemson for you if that's how you feel. 

Our Buckeyes will come out angry, motivated, and will dominate. We are facing great opponents in the playoffs, but we are battle tested and will be ready for a 60 minute war. Get on board the national champ train before it leaves the station and quit doubting our men. Nothing in life is guaranteed, but I know our Bucks are going to win. It is there for the taking, and it is going to feel great when we beat Clemson and shut up their smug fan base and sleazy head coach, then we slay the SEC dragon once again. 


Let's get #9!!!!!!!

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