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Comment 12 hours ago

Nailed it. I can't believe it took this long for someone to chime in with this fact. Good job, Buckifishr.

On another note regarding sunshine, I live in Vegas...I don't remember the last time I saw a cloud. LOL 

Comment 30 Jun 2020

I apologize if this has already been mentioned in this thread, as I haven't read all of the comments. LOL 

When we started subscribing to YouTube TV the price was $40, now it is $50. In August they are raising it to $65. That's over a 50% increase in less than 2 years. To me that is outrageous. It seems to be the only streaming service that offers both AMC and BTN. Ugh! 

Comment 21 Jun 2020

Great point, up vote for you. 

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. as I get older (I'm only 44) I realize how uninformed people generally are and how blindly they trust our elected officials, government, "experts" and media (especially when the media outlet aligns with their perspective). It is absolutely crazy! 

My best advice to everyone is to be skeptical. Ask "why?" and learn to recognize bullshit when you see/hear it. Ask questions, demand answers, think for yourself. 

Comment 21 Jun 2020

I'm sorry for your loss. That is terrible. However, not to sound cold, but that is an anomaly. did you hear about the former USC OL who died today at the age of 26? He collapsed while hiking. Such a terrible tragedy, but super uncommon, just like the person you personally know who died. When it hits close to home like that, I understand why you would voice your opinion in this manner, but people in that age group survive 99.7% of the time. So as I said, super uncommon, but a tragedy nonetheless. 

Comment 21 Jun 2020

We are literally loaded everywhere. I am willing to bet that there will be at least 25 players named in this thread. I'll go with three guys at one position because I think they will continue OSU's excellence at the position: Defensive ends Jonathan Cooper, Tyreke Smith and Zach Harrison. Unleash the rushmen!

Comment 21 Jun 2020

Honest you think that the current state of our country and world has led many people to be very extreme on this topic? It seems that a lot of people are scared to death (figuratively, not literally) of Covid 19 while others act like John Wick getting shot at by 25 men, just standing their invincible. LOL 

My point is, we are so divided as a country why not be so divided on this issue too? The media is poison, social media is poison, our elected officials have shown that they are unqualified to make decisions, our healthcare system and infrastructure were caught completely with their pants down, etc. I know we're not supposed to be political on here, but we have two guys running for president who not only can't tie their own shoes, they don't even know shoes have laces! LOL Seems like everything is a hot mess! 

Comment 21 Jun 2020

Yeah...not quite what I'm saying. You will see a trend in all of my posts on the Covid subject: Let's use information and data to make informed decisions. If and when all of the infected players get well and return to practice, what can be learned from this? What can the NCAA glean from the situations at Clemson, LSU and UH? How will they make future decisions based off of the fact that all players are healthy and rearing to go in 14-21 days? This should be interesting. 

As far as Marshall is concerned, I see what you did there! LOL

Comment 21 Jun 2020

If this is directed towards me, so be it. I (and most posts that I have read) haven't said it isn't a big deal, I have clearly said that it is time for a strategic plan given the fact that the CDC has 1.4 million data points (confirmed cases) as of June 17. Clearly the virus is more dangerous in older folks. This isn't anecdotal, there are nearly one and half million instances that allow us to identify trends to better guide our behaviors. Clearly people under the age of 45 and even more so for people under the age of 25, the virus will not kill them. That's not my opinion...that is fact. Look at my post last night regarding the CDC's official statistics. 99.97% of people under the age of 25 and 99.7% of those under the age of 45 will survive. Once you get into older people (65+) that is where it gets dicey, with up to 15% of confirmed cases not recovering. It seems to me that we can learn from what has happened and use the information to better guide our behaviors and health practices. Subscribing to a "one size fits all" approach is foolish. People need to work, go outside, go to the grocery store, etc. Our government on all levels is not giving us fact based advice. That's my opinion, not fact. 

Comment 21 Jun 2020

Ha! It is ironic you posted this. It may be selfish to think,  but it has crossed my mind on multiple occasions that we need to have a season because Justin is going to go berserk this year. Matter of fact, I think this year's team will make last year's look like a "building block" to greatness. 

Comment 21 Jun 2020

great conversation in here, guys. I'm glad we can keep it civil. 

I'm still trying to find out if we (me, wife, son) had the virus but they don't offer an easy way to get an antibody test here (Vegas) yet. I got a flu shot but during Christmas week something strange knocked me on my ass. My son and wife had it during the weeks leading up to Christmas. I recovered just in time to go to AZ to watch the big screw job in Glendale (it was a fumble, it was a scoop, it was a score, it was a Buckeye win). But I digress...

What are the odds that when all of the Clemson, UH, and LSU players recover that the NCAA will recognize that even when 18-22 year old athletes get sick, they bounce back? 

Hope everyone recovers hastily. 

Comment 21 Jun 2020

One more thing...

We have been bludgeoned with the need to wash our hands, wear masks, practice social distancing, avoid touching our faces, and covering up when we sneeze or cough. We have also been told to stay home when we feel sick. I agree with all of these practices and try to practice all of them (even before COVID 19...except for wearing a mask).

My biggest complaint (because I am a HUGE complainer) is that I have not heard anyone talk about the importance of taking care of yourself to strengthen the one thing that is proven to work against any pathogen: your immune system. Adults need 8 hours of sleep (kids should get 10), people need to regularly exercise, make better food choices, and get outside and take in some sun (sorry Ohioans, I know the sun doesn't shine there).

I truly believe that if you take care of yourself, you will lead a better life and avoid a lot of issues including COVID 19. And before you think this is too difficult, I eat wings, drink beer, and I am a fool for salty snacks. I indulge just like everyone else, but getting into good, healthy habits will make a world of difference.

Now go turn on cable news to listen to them tell you that the sky is falling. LOL

Comment 21 Jun 2020

I don't think anyone said that there is no risk for young people, just that survival was overwhelmingly in their favor. As I mentioned last night, according the official numbers from the CDC, there is a 99.97% survival rate for people under the age of 25. That is as high as the FPI chance of OSU beating Bowling Green in September. I'll take that bet. LOL 

As far as hospitalizations are concerned, data can be manipulated. I read the article and it stated that in one Texas county young adults made up 18% of hospitalizations a few months ago and now they make up 21%. In the Data to Decisions class I mentioned last night, we taught students to be cautiously skeptical of data that is "cherry picked" like the data used in the article. Why not prove your point about hospitalizations by showing us weekly data on hospitalization %? Probably because the data wouldn't back up the author's point. In addition, percentages can often be misleading. If young adults are making up a larger number of cases, they will inherently make up a larger percentage of hospitalizations. Its not because they have magically become more vulnerable, it is because the "at risk" population of older Americans are taking the advice of health experts very seriously and limiting their interaction with others, thus limiting their exposure and chances that they will be infected and hospitalized. If the trend continues for at least 4 weeks and the % of young adults who are infected that need hospitalizations rise, then we can start talking. For example, if 100 are infected and 3 are hospitalized this week, then the numbers rise to 200 infected and 21 hospitalized, then to 300 infected and 55 hospitalized, etc. there is a clear rise in both cases and the % of cases that need hospitalization. Don't let the data genie fool you. The author is actually being either A. Reckless or B. Deceitful 

Comment 21 Jun 2020

I try to stay away from statements like that because while your gut tells you that is true, there is no way to prove it. I just stick with facts. 

Are people really calling others "granny killers" if they go out in public? LOL Maybe that trend hasn't hit the west coast where I am at yet. 

Comment 21 Jun 2020

Man, I guess someone decided to crawl out from hiding under their bed to down vote posts from people who are not scared or said this (spike) is expected. When I was teaching in a prominent MBA program for another B1G school, we always asked the graduating students what their favorite class was and 99 times out of 100 the answer was Data to Decisions. In other words, the students loved using data to make informed decisions.  On that note, let's look at the OFFICIAL DATA FROM THE CDC AS OF JUNE 17:

1. For Americans under the age of 65, 98.7% of confirmed cases recover.

2. For Americans under the age of 45, 99.7% of confirmed cases recover.

3. For Americans under the age of 25, 99.97% of confirmed cases recover. 

It is time for our "leaders" to get tactical and strategic about how to mitigate risks for people over the age of 65. Focus on the most vulnerable and promote preventative behaviors for each age group. Enough with these broad mandates that have ruined the lives of millions of Americans. Get strategic...get a plan to keep "at risk" Americans as safe as possible. Give the rest of us guidelines to stay as safe as possible based on our age and health. 

Comment 20 Jun 2020

No doubt, I don't disagree. The crazy part is, I am pretty certain that there are people (coaches, etc.) out there who are trying to figure out how to gain an advantage from this. Sad but true. I've been downvoted in this thread for saying such things but how can people be so naïve to not think this is the case? The fact that there is discussion and attempts to hold seasons (NHL, MLB, NBA, etc.) proves that people aren't thinking "right" when it comes to this. While the players will be fine (CDC data says if you are in their age group you are nearly guaranteed not to die from the virus), there is so much more that goes into producing one game (fans, facility employees, media, etc.) that I cannot imagine how they would ever pull a season off without major issues. Plus you would have to eliminate outside contact with people outside the team and staff  to "guarantee" that the players/coaches/etc. don't bring the virus into the facility. That is virtually impossible. To that end, I actually think that there are people out there who think "the players are young and healthy, if they get it they will recover and we can just move on with our season." Down vote me if you want, but my point is, people are crazy and will do whatever it takes to gain an advantage. 

Comment 20 Jun 2020

It is awful, but is it unthinkable? It's like trying to stop a tidal wave by holding a stop sign that crossing guards at elementary schools carry. You won't be able to corral all these kids and not let it into your facility. It is virtually impossible IMO. Might as well get them all through it in June/July so you can have a good camp and season. Don't tell me some coaches aren't thinking this exact thought!

Comment 19 Jun 2020

Back to the OP's original thing I have trouble with is zone blocking within our offense. So let me get this the snap of the ball the OL doesn't know if it is going to be a run or pass and still has to block? WTF is that all about?!??!?!? LOL