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A Few Things That Need Fixed

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December 8, 2019 at 2:58pm

Some of the things I noticed that could derail a perfect season, and I think we need to fix before Clemson.

Justin holding onto the ball.

I appreciate his dedication to go through progressions and give his wr’s time to get open, but his internal clock must get faster and make a decision to either take off or throwaway. However, I’m not sure if it’s the wide receivers not getting open, or JF not anticipating people getting open??

Run Defense.

We we’re stout against the run early in the season, but we fell off a bit the last 3 games. Travis Etienne is on the same level as Johnathon Taylor, but he has  WR and a QB that makes him more dangerous. I like Landers as a player, but I think he is too small and over time looses his effectiveness. I would like to see more Tommy T also. Perhaps it’s the lbers falling back into bad habits, but I need to rewatch those games.

Building a defense around Chase Triple teams and quick slants

TTUN and Wisconsin has given the blueprint to Clemson on how to neutralize Chase- quick hitters and double/ triple teams. I’m pretty sure Maddison will notice this, and I hope that he adjusts accordingly. I don’t think we need wait a half to make those adjustments, rather we know that Chase will not have single coverage. 

These are the majors things I see, what do you guys see that need to be fixed before Clemson?

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