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Comment 12 Aug 2019
  • Clarett was slow and was grossly overrated. He had decent runs but he was no Beanie or Elliott. 
  • the 2002 team got very fortunate, but overrated. People keep pointing to them beating Miami, but it took 5 turnovers to beat them and we barely won as is. 
Comment 03 Jul 2019

After reading that I have the following emotions:

  • chill bumps
  • I got instantly focused
  • Pissed off
  • Ready to do my part as a fan
  • Teary eyed. I get really emotional when I watch the rivalry documentaries
Comment 30 Jan 2019

Here is dynamic that really only happens in the bay: getting paid!

I have a buddy that is a Director of IT. He moved from Columbus making $140k

Moved to San Jose and got a recruiter to find him a job. The recruiter asked how much he made previously and what he was looking for. 

He said $160k and the recruiter laughed and said “are you sure”? Directors here can make minimum $210k.

Point is, I refuse to roll out of bed for anything less than mid 6 figures for a non director role. I’ve lived in different states and this the only place they expect you to make that much.

Comment 30 Jan 2019

Zero chance, lol. 

In reality its all about what you like. I think NoCal people are a little more "real" than SoCal folks. I know i'm generalizing, but it seems like people in SoCal pretend that they're a celeb.