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Why Playing Clemson in the First Round is a Good Thing!

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December 8, 2019 at 12:59pm

Yeah I am as pissed about the #2 ranking as anybody else, but let’s put this into some context. 

Ryan Day has been able to erase a lot of the little nuances under Urban that occasionally popped up. I love UFM, but we had a lot of games that we under-performed with talent. I think under Urban, last night we could’ve easily lost that game. I know I had that Purdue and Iowa feeling last night, but when we came out in the second half and scored so easily that this game was going to be al Buckeyes in the end. 

Urban couldn’t beat Clemson. He had 2 chances and we couldn’t get the job done. This team is different. It has yet to back down from adversity, it makes better adjustments in games, and the coaching staff is really good at exploiting the other teams weakness. the game planning for this team just seems to be slightly better and when the game gets tight, we don’t rely on QB run plays all game long. Last night there was a great adjustment in the passing game that lead to that victory. 

We have 3 weeks to prepare for a team who has not been battle tested all year. The last 3 weeks have really brought this team through every scenario. Clemson wasn’t tested against UNC. It got bored and survived. This will be the first physical game they play and I want to hit them in the mouth before anyone else gets a chance to. Teams learn as they go through the season. We know how to adjust, I don’t think they do. 

Being ranked #1 has been cursed in the past. Listening to the media talk about how we should beat Oklahoma for 3 weeks can play head games and cause a let down. Listening to how dangerous Clemson is will have us on high alert and ready. I think Riley can be more dangerous with 3 weeks to prepare than what people are giving him credit for. Grinch knows our players and personnel as well, so that’s a bit of an advantage for Oklahoma as well. Not winning a playoff game the last 3 times means they are due for one as well and I think they can score with LSU. LSU’s defense has not improved the last 2 weeks, they just played really really bad offenses. 

My last point is momentum. Beating Clemson would give us way more momentum going into the championship than beating Ok. This team has fed off of momentum all year. If we take care of business and Oklahoma is competitive against LSU, they may show some wrinkles that would help us beat LSU in the final. 

We owe all 3 of these teams some payback. I’d love to erase the Clemson one the most. It really is a new Day and Ryan Day Has the chance to erase a lot of the skeletons in our closet that we’ve had over the last few years. Blowing a game we should win was the first one last night. We came back and dominated a game that I think last years team woulda lost. 

go bucks! Beat the whining Dabo’s!! 

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