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Who Would You Rather See, Utah or Oklahoma?

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December 5, 2019 at 5:19pm

Despite the campaign of misinformation from our enemies OSU will very likely be the #1 seed. As it stands we are likely to get either Utah or Oklahoma in the first round. These teams are very close so it could really come down to who plays better this weekend. Utah plays Oregon Friday night and Oklahoma plays Baylor Saturday at noon.(If Utah loses to Oregon Baylor/Oklahoma is a play in game, and if Georgia beats LSU, LSU will be the #4 seed)

We have a little more history with Oklahoma, our recent series went 1-1 so this could be a tiebreaker of sorts. Baker had his flag plant which I am sure will be talked about a little bit. Alex Grinch also "left" OSU to become the DC at Oklahoma. Earlier this year Grinch said the reason the defense was bad last year was because the players were entitled and didn't work hard. On the field they have a prolific offense with Jalen Hurts at QB and CeeDee Lamb at receiver but they really focus on the run. However their offensive line is no where near as good as it was the past couple years and outside of CeeDee they dont have anybody who is scary. While improved from the past few years on defense they are still around 40ish in the rankings. 

Utah won't have quite as many off field story lines. One of their players said they would beat the brains in of whatever team gets unlucky to play them round 1. If Urban was here it would be cool to play against the team he caused to get to this level.Their QB is having a really efficient year and Zach Moss the RB is very good. They aren't as explosive on offense as Oklahoma but will bring in the best Pac-12 defense. 

OSU will likely be double digit favorites over either team. So whatever the rational who would you want to see? I personally want to settle the score with Oklahoma with a beatdown before sending Lincoln Riley to the Cowboys and killing Oklahoma for the next decade. 


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