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Is Rutgers a Trap Game?

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November 15, 2019 at 12:36pm

We all know what has happened at least once in the past two seasons. An anticipated road win turned into a forgettable night when the Buckeyes forgot to show up. Could it happen again tomorrow? 

What if Justin Fields gets off the bus tomorrow, suits up, goes out on the field and forgets that he is actually right handed? Coach Day tries to convince him that he is throwing with the wrong (left) hand but he won't listen. Meanwhile, he can't turn to Chugs because he is only worried about staying warm on the sideline. Who does he go to? 

If they can't throw then they will just turn to the running game I suppose. However, JK Dobbins, thinking the Buckeyes are on their third bye week of the year (some may call it that), boards a flight to Texas for some good home cooking instead of New Jersey. Without Dobbins the Buckeyes can't get much going because the offensive line is still in a food coma from their victory meal. 

And if all of that isn't enough, Greg Schiano, forgetting that he is no longer employed by Rutgers or Ohio State, shows up to coordinate the defense. After convincing Mattison he should be in Ann Arbor and not Piscataway he proceeds to revert to last year's strategy of giving up big plays.

Who says it can't happen? 


Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the victory tomorrow. Go Bucks


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