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Comment 17 Jul 2019

Jeep Grand Cherokee. I have one and there's plenty of room for the car seat and storage (stroller) in the back. 

Comment 09 Jul 2019

I think there are rules around how many times you can change them if I'm not mistaken. I thought I saw somewhere before that you can't always change it directly to another team and therefore maybe that's why he went foggy? I have NO idea. 

Comment 09 Jul 2019

Some news that has made the rounds elsewhere, but I didn't see it added to the pile here.

Was covered above. 

Bijan would be a major get for the Bucks. Hopefully we can steal another one from Tommy Boy

Comment 27 Jun 2019

Also said he expects a July decision. 

Well Monday is July 1st so what do you say we go ahead and get this dog and pony show over with!

Comment 26 Jun 2019

Get our Hope's up on Robinson or knighton?

AE has a CB in for Robinson to tOSU. He does not have one in for Knighton. That should answer your question.