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Comment 15 May 2019

I coach HS baseball and have tried contacting him and his staff multiple times about some studs and couldn't even get a response. Those same studs are now committed to programs who are better off than OSU is right now even though their preference would have been Ohio State. Perhaps this is why he can't win? 

Comment 14 May 2019

What does well spoken actually mean? Is McCord and McCarthy well spoken guys?

Using proper grammar is part of it. For example: Are McCord and McCarthy well spoken guys? 

Comment 13 May 2019

AE said the Georgia visit should not concern anyone. I don't know why - maybe he's not actually planning on making the visit? But if AE says not to worry then I'm not going to. 

Comment 09 May 2019

Not sure if this was covered yet or not, but there's some speculation there could be more dragons which could be the reasoning behind Eurons shock in the Ep 5 trailer. 


Comment 08 May 2019

Recently sold our house and bought a new one. The buyers of ours wanted a Radon test and system installed since the levels were around 6 or 7. It had also rained the weekend of the test, which typically cauases Radon level to spike. Since I had to pay for that I made the sellers of the house we bought install one into the house we were moving into. Figured I'd at least get my money's worth. 

It's amazing that they are all of a sudden being installed on these homes. When I went thorugh the process the installation guy I spoke with said he does over 1,000 a year now. He has seen levels into the 100's. I do know Ohio has high levels of concentration but have no idea if it is a risk or not.