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What Team Wouldn't You Want to Face in the CFP?

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November 14, 2019 at 6:32pm

Hello 11W community! First time making a forum post so bear with me if I do it wrong.

Looking ahead at potential matchups for our team in the CFP, if we are so lucky as to make it there, which teams would you prefer we face and not face? Personally, I'd rather not see Clemson in the first round. That team scares me more than LSU, Bama, or any other team in the country. I'll explain why: I am supremely confident in our ability to score on LSU or Bama; their defenses just aren't that good, and we should be able to get down the field rather easily. I can't say the same against Clemson though; regardless of how they've looked early this season, we all know that they have a top gear that they can hit when it comes to the games that matter. Brent Venables is unquestionably the best DC in college football at the moment, and that team is still loaded with talent even after losing three DL to the first round of the draft last year. In last year's national championship game, he pulled out exotic cloud coverages that completely stifled Alabama's offense, which many people thought was unstoppable until that game. Clemson doesn't really seem to have any defensive weaknesses, regardless of the competition they have faced. 

As far as their offense goes, by no means am I implying that they'll have a walk in the park against our vaunted defense. That being said, the talent is evident on that side of the ball as well. Regardless of how well we scheme our defense to stop Lawrence and Etienne from cooking, deep balls thrown to those 6-4 wide receivers (Higgins and Ross) might just be indefensible because of their insane catch radiuses. I've always heard that at the highest levels, good offense beats good defense, and Clemson can reach a level on offense that is very difficult, if not impossible, to defend. 

I'd rank teams I'd prefer not to see in the following order: 

1. Clemson

2. LSU

3. Alabama

(large gap)

4. Literally anyone else

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