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Comment 11 Feb 2020

Some more rankings of notable prospects:

JT: 4

Jack Sawyer: 8

Camar Wheaton: 7

Monkell Goodwine: 25

Damon Payne: 29

JK Johnson: 33

Barrett Carter: 35

Tywone Malone: 41

Tunmise Adeleye: 44

Rocco Spindler: 55

Donovan Edwards: 59

Ben Christman: 72

Michael Hall: 74

Comment 11 Feb 2020

Here’s a question: Brandon Huffman (West Coast Insider) changes his CB to foggy and BG CB’s Tuimoloau to OSU within 24 hours. I’m sure they both heard the same information that would lead for them to make those changes. What do we think they heard? 

Perhaps that a spring unofficial has been scheduled?

Comment 04 Feb 2020

FWIW, One of the reasons our position might have improved with Tunmise Adeleye is because Alabama had a shake-up at their Defensive Line Coach. Their previous DL coach, Brian Baker, may have moved to an off-field role and could potentially be hired by the Indianapolis Colts soon, and they have hired, but not formally announced, Freddie Roach, formerly a player at Alabama and DL coach at Ole Miss, to replace him.

Comment 28 Jan 2020

Gee Scott ends up at 65 in the composite, the 10th ranked receiver overall, giving us 3 top-10 receiver commits.. Funnily, the four prospects directly below him in the composite rankings are all wide receivers too, meaning that he was four spots from finishing as the 14th best receiver. CJ Stroud ends up as the third best QB in the country; not bad.

Comment 27 Jan 2020

Rumors flying that Lejond Cavazos is absolutely crushing winter workouts. 


Comment 27 Jan 2020

Clemson has a "you look - we look" policy", they don't allow any of their commitments to take visits to other schools. When you're Clemson, I guess, you can pull something like that off, unlike, say, Michigan State. Wonder if that will apply to Foreman, since he's big time and also hadn't taken that many visits as well.

Comment 25 Jan 2020

To be clear, I don't think it matters a ton that Clemson may lead right now. Recruiting is based on relationships, and relationships are built over time. Hartline knows what he's doing, and his relationship with Egbuka will only grow over time while Clemson's WR coach taking a new job recently should have some lasting effects. 

Besides, Clemson led for a period of time with Fleming as well. Look how that turned out. The one concern I have is that distance may really limit the number of times he visits us, but that's all.

Comment 25 Jan 2020

Here's a link to the thread where Brandon Huffman, a 247 West Coast Insider, states that at the moment, that is the order. Also, another poster in the thread refers to a Washington Rivals Insider that believes that Clemson leads. Scroll all the way to the bottom. Not to be cutting, but I don't make up the stuff I post on this board, or post out of pessimism. News is News. 


Comment 25 Jan 2020

That's the victory I was referring to. It's hard to beat Clemson when you're recruiting a kid they're in on. They're up there with UGA, Bama, LSU and us as schools that are just really tough to recruit against. 

Comment 25 Jan 2020

On 247, Brandon Huffman, a West Coast Insider that Bank has said is the most plugged into Egbuka's recruitment, said the schools of interest are Clemson, Ohio State, Washington in that order at the moment. Not that it's done or anything close to that, as official visits are yet to be taken, but that's where it stands. 

Comment 25 Jan 2020

Hartline 1-1 vs Clemson, albeit he started with a big disadvantage having Marvin Harrison Jr. committed already. It's also OSU vs. Clemson for Egbuka and Stellato, with Clemson leading for Egbuka and us leading for Stellato.

Comment 25 Jan 2020

Ryan Day is absolutely a big influence, but offensive play design is a group collaborative process. All of the offensive coaches get together in a room and analyze what gets executed well and what doesn't, and Wilson and Day decide which plays get put into the gameplan for a week. Wilson is incredibly influential in this process, as Ryan Day isn't sitting by himself deciding which plays to run for a specific week. 

Comment 22 Jan 2020

Final ESPN 300 was just released: http://www.espn.com/college-sports/football/recruiting/playerrankings/_/view/rn300/sort/rank/class/2020

This may come as a shock, but it doesn't look like ESPN screwed us entirely this time around. Here's a lowdown on who moved and how much:

Julian Fleming 1 -> 1 overall (This is a big deal)

Paris Johnson 15 -> 11 overall

Luke Wypler 32 -> 58 overall (this is pretty unfortunate)

Jaxon Smith Njigba 94 -> 91 overall

Coleridge "CJ" Stroud 176 -> 104 overall

Mookie Cooper 109 -> 113 overall

Jacolbe Cowan 130 -> 125 overall

Cody Simon 136 -> 138 overall (this is a head-scratcher)

Gee Scott Jr. 198 -> 157 overall (this is decent but he should be much higher)

Lathan Ransom 160 -> 162 overall

Darrion Henry 173 -> 172 overall

Ryan Watts 239 -> 235 overall

Lejond Cavazos 280 -> 239 overall (nice gain)

Kourt Williams 246 -> 241 overall

Grant Toutant 281 -> 277 overall

Jack Miller 288 -> 284 overall (smh)

Comment 21 Jan 2020

I mean it's definitely possible. Cristobal is a hell of a recruiter. Here's a story to describe how relentless and creative he is on the trail, the recruitment of Penei Sewell, now the top Tackle in the nation. The story goes that Penei was set to sign in the Early Signing Period as an Oregon lean but decided to push his decision back to the Late Signing Period to give Alabama and USC another shot. The problem for Oregon was that Cristobal had already used up his in-home visit with Penei, and would have to weather the storm of Nick Saban stopping by the Sewell household, never an ideal situation because these are the type of visits Saban usually crushes. But creatively, or weirdly, Cristobal sent his OL coach for the final in-home visit and activated an Oregon Grad Assistant to serve as a recruiter as well. The OL Coach arrived at the house early, and pulled up a video chat of Cristobal on a laptop, so that he was also having a face-to-face conversation with the family over the dinner table. Then, later that night, the GA arrived at the Sewell household, dressed as Oregon's duck mascot. He proceeded to sit in the living room and nod and say "Go Ducks! " intermittently all night. The family got a kick out of the mascot appearing in their living room, and Penei proceeded to sign with Oregon. The rest is history.  

Comment 20 Jan 2020

Not sure if we're in great shape for Grimes at the moment. Based on an article from Birm from a few days ago, we're likely running fourth at the moment, behind Clemson, Penn State, and Texas A&M. Also, there was a drop-off in communication between Ohio State and Grimes for a bit after Hafley's departure, to the point that Grimes's father had to text Ryan Day to make sure Ohio State was still recruiting Grimes. Coach Coombs has his work cut out for him.

Here's a link to the article: https://lettermenrow.com/ohio-state-football-recruiting/ohio-state-buckeyes-recruiting-kerry-coombs-tony-grimes-jahmyr-gibbs-official-visit/

Comment 14 Jan 2020