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The Most Intriguing Story Line?

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November 13, 2019 at 10:30am

I'm a sucker for a big game that has a lot of history and drama behind it. Leading up to it, I love reading about how "this player" has a connection to "that player" on the other team, how they've faced each other in competition before and now they're crossing each other's path once more, how they've come close to competing against each other but narrowly missed the opportunity till now - whatever it is story-wise that adds to the draw of the big game, I love it. 

I wonder, if we had to decide which match up was the biggest story line match up for us, which would it be?

(In this, I don't include Alabama. Is it a big game? Yes. Would it bring in big numbers? Yes. Would it be a form of a re-match? Sort of. Would it generate a lot of talk between Bama fans and Buckeyes? Most definitely. But is it any deeper than the questions just asked? Not really.)

In one scenario, if Georgia wins out and wins the SEC they would of course make it to the CFP. If this came true, we'd have the opportunity of a huge story line match up of Fields versus his former school which consists of a fan base that has bad mouthed the hell out of him since his departure. This would be the icing on the cake that spells out "Thank you, Georgia" as we win the game (and perhaps the National Championship entirely in this scenario) and Justin Fields obtains his revenge. 

Another possibility, the good ol' Fields versus Lawrence match up. Even before their (sort of) direct competition at Elite 11, where Fields gained the upper hand over Lawrence as the #1 QB present that day, these two have been indirectly competing against one another. From rankings, to schools, (to Elite 11), to the comparisons of their play today these two are intertwined and will eventually cross each other's path inevitably whether it be in college or professionally. Why not for the National Championship? Of course it wouldn't be for the trophy immediately if Ohio State remains #2 and Clemson remains #3, it could be a quick pit stop for Fields as he moves on to his next victim. I don't imagine Fields being the type of person to hold any form of vendetta simply because someone was ranked higher than him in high school (or for any other similar reason), but he is extremely competitive and I would imagine that it would aid his confidence for him to take down a long-time foe right before the game for all the true glory. 

Lastly, we have the Joe Burrow match up in the case that LSU continues its SEC dominance. It goes without saying how insane the build up to that game would be for both him and Ohio State entirely. A (former) Buckeye continuing the slaying of the Crimson Tide and the SEC away from home all the while still holding true to his Buckeye traditions (for example, still addressing TTUN in correct fashion). One could attempt to imagine the articles, the sentimental and intense montages, and the commentary from those at FOX and/or ESPN that the establishment of this game coming to fruition could provide and just by writing about it now it makes me want it even more.

Perhaps I'm missing more possibilities that could provide a thrilling story line? 

Maybe there is someone at Baylor that JK Dobbins hated in high school and wants a final crack at him? /s

In all seriousness, if you had to choose one from the possibilities above, which would it be?

And if I'm genuinely missing any thrilling scenarios, which are they?


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