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Would Losing One Player Stop This Train?

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November 12, 2019 at 12:31pm

When news broke out regarding Chase, the doom and gloom crowd on these boards thought the defense would go from great to not so great immediately.  I read some comments regarding the defense reverting to last year's atrocity.   Well, it was only Maryland, but the defense was just fine.  Yes, losing your best player on defense is not ideal, but can be overcome.   

Then I read the Chug thread today,  I'm sure the tune would be much different if it wasn't hypothetical, but many were impressed with his arm, and maybe would be a little less worried if he were pressed into action when it matters.  

So my question, if one of the best players on offense or defense had to be replaced for the rest of the season, would it change your outlook as far as expectations for the rest of the year?  My simple answer is no, the dominance and depth this team has shown has made me a believer that the overall production is much bigger than one player.  This isn't a one trick pony, there are so many different ways this team can beat you.  Not saying it wouldn't be a blow, but take any player off of this team and I still think the Natty is a real possibility.  

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