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Anyone Rooting for Minny Over PSU?

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November 9, 2019 at 3:57am

I’m up late almost 1AM on the West Coast in So Cal excited for a big day of college football. As I lay here trying to go to sleep, I’m thinking how fun it would be to see PSU to go down to Minnesota. The only time I root for PSU is one of four scenarios: 1) TUN, 2) ND, 3) Bowl Game for B1G pride, 4) SEC team. Other OOC games it depends on the team and the circumstance. I feel like, in theory, we should be rooting for PSU to stay undefeated until OSU plays them in order to bolster our SOS. However, if we remain undefeated, it won’t matter much anyway. Also, beating an undefeated Minny in the B1G Championship should be nearly equivalent to an undefeated PSU. Is there anything crucial I’m missing as to why it would be fun to watch Minnesota take down cocky PSU? Go Bucks!

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