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Comment 22 hours ago

I think calling people “racist” gets thrown around a little too liberally these days. And whenever groups get together to denounce something, there are a lot of sheep involved. I don’t recall those sheep from PSU getting together to denounce Joe Paterno and his tolerance for child molestation happening under his watch. They got together to celebrate him. So let’s not pretend that a group of sheep, especially at PSU, getting together to denounce something is morally superior. All we know for sure is that the letter was ignorant and unnecessary. For all we know this guy could have dementia or a mental illness. Not for us to pass judgement on him just as he shouldn’t pass judgment on the PSU players. Nothing to see here. There are a whole lot of ignorant people in the world. No need to waste time on one who somehow got his letter to go viral. And I’ve been called a lot worse things than disgusting and have been attacked far more personally than a letter written to me or about me. PSU would be better off focusing their time and attention on the positive and not get dragged into the muck by a stupid letter. 

Comment 15 Oct 2019

This ^^^. In one of Zach Smith’s podcasts, he said he can’t stand when fans and media throw around the term “h back” as though it’s anything but a slot receiver. The h is just a fancy name for a slot receiver. Meyer liked the hybrid guys to play it bc when you get them in space, they are dynamic runners and can make big plays. If anyone would know, it’s ZS who won 3 Nattys coaching WRs with Urban. In my mind, the position isn’t going away, it’s just with Campbell gone and Hill the solid starter, there’s no one Day would rather have playing slot during critical game time. Gill needs to step up his game and then we will see someone else besides Hill playing h/slot. 

Comment 14 Oct 2019

It’s become a running joke that fans believe the coaches are saving their best offensive plays and packages for the big games later in the year, only to find that there was nothing else there. Do you believe we are already viewing what this offense has to offer for 2019, or have coach Day and company been holding off on showing their most dynamic stuff for later on in the year?

Comment 13 Oct 2019

Thinking like you. He’s such a journeyman now I don’t know that he has hard feelings for former teams. Likely happy to still be playing and employed.