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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2015 Sugar Bowl
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Comment 7 hours ago

Maybe this time the results will be better than a 6-7 season culminating in a shutout loss to Louisiana Tech.

Speaking of Miami, anyone heard any news on our boy Tate Martell? I heard he only played a handful of snaps at WR, left the team twice and came back, had a chance to play some QB in a bowl game and did next to nothing. Does he have any more eligibility left? I mean, it went very quickly from calling him out for leaving the program after all that jawing he did to just plain feeling sorry for him and how his football career has turned out.

Comment 8 hours ago

Do we know who had the biggest influence over the defensive scheme and adjustments that OSU employed in 2019 between Mattison and Hafley? Any concerns that Hafley leaving weakens us in that area? Can you speak to what experience Coombs brings to a defensive coordinator role behind what we’ve seen of him as a position coach?

Comment 19 Jan 2020

I mean I can’t know for certain, but I’m 90% sure Coach O thought these things, just too classy to actually state them on a radio show AFTER the fact.

If you think about it, Joey was on that Buckeye team that got beat by Clemson in 2017. So there was one person from that team that exacted their revenge! 

Comment 18 Jan 2020

Not sure why any hate for Etienne as he has always seemed like a class act. Accusing him of taking money as the reason for staying is pretty bush league. Makes us look like a bunch of whiny bitches. Just bc none of our top Juniors wanted to stay and leave without a Natty doesn’t mean we gotta project on to this young man. 

Comment 18 Jan 2020

Carlos was the top fullback in the nation according to and was a four star recruit that ranked 19th among RBs in the country. We had Rod Smith commit the same year who was the fourth overall RB recruit. Zeke was the 5th rated all-purpose back and was also a four star. He was the 69th ranked player in the country.

Comment 16 Jan 2020

Right. I have zero problem with this, and in fact believe it is a perfect move. Are there better and more experienced QB coaches out there? Yes. Does this spot require someone who will be able to mesh with Day given this is his forte? Yes. Is Corey Dennis an up and comer that is already well thought of and respected but coaches and players alike? Yes. No controversy here. Great hire.

Comment 10 Jan 2020

This decision is getting panned by the media, including our very own Colin Hass-Hill. I’d never heard him so amped about a topic as he was taking about how risky this move is on Real Pod Wednesdays. Doug Lesmerises at Buckeye Talk, also was pretty critical of the move. I disagree. What I’ve heard about him and how I believe he will compliment Ryan Day, it seems like a big win.