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Comment 12 Jun 2019

Can we just agree that Eddie George is among the most talented and amazing people ever born? Along with being one of the greatest football players ever, he’s one of the greatest people ever. He’s an MBA graduate, a TV host, a stage and tv actor, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and on and on. And he still looks like he could start for most NFL teams if he wanted to. Congratulation to Eddie. Any honor like this is very well deserved.

Comment 11 Jun 2019

Right, did you see Kellen Winslow II is basically a sociopath rapist and was convicted recently? I’m sure that was somehow Urban’s fault as well.

Comment 11 Jun 2019

Cuz everyone else is media folks and prognosticators doing podcasts. He was actually THE GUY who recruited these elite players, coached along side Urban Meyer and others, and knows the dirt on everyone. He has nothing to lose. He’s lost it all already. He’s not trying to be a coach again and he keeps it real. It’s refreshing and it sheds a lot of light on what he went through with the investigation, having only ever heard the media side previously.

Comment 11 Jun 2019

Don’t forget about Master Teague. He ran a 4.31 40 at a scouting combine in Alabama his Senior year. He then went on to run a 4.31 again when he visited OSU. Freak of nature. I’d sell my left nut to have had that speed (I have two buckeye nuts I keep on my desk and the left one is very valuable to me, for context). 

Comment 11 Jun 2019

Yeah, which I don’t understand bc it doesn’t do them any favors to publish those lofty times only to come crashing down to Earth when they are electronically timed at the combine.

Comment 10 Jun 2019

Damn. The #Billydavisitis disorder will reverberate through Buckeye Land for years to come. So many talented LBs ruined by him and Schiano. They’re confidence shot. Only these guys could take the number one linebacker in the country out of high school and have him sitting behind these little slow dudes for four years. LB was one of the few positions on the whole team where I DIDNT want to see the young guys (Werner, Borland) supplant the veterans. I am really really hoping to see the guys we recruited to be All-Americans be able to attain that. 

Comment 09 Jun 2019

I’ll admit that while I’m not among the worriers, I was definitely struck by the total lack of defensive commits. But when you stop to think about the task that these guys have and how excitement on the defensive side of the ball is growing, I think we’ll be fine. Remember, our D stink stank stunk last year and the top talent on D, especially at linebacker and safety, have been completely mishandled over the last couple of years. These new coaches are brand new and have to sell what they are bringing that’s new and show the world what they can do on the field in the fall. The only direction the defensive product, coaching, and scheme can go from last year is up.