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ESPN Article and an Interesting Point About the OSU Non-conference Schedule

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November 1, 2019 at 1:18pm


People have bagged on the OSU non-conference schedule quite a bit.  I'm not sure if this has been discussed to this point because the data is just now starting to have some actual impact turning over to November.  But if you check this article and look under the section of "Where each conference stands" something interesting sticks out where each OSU non-conference opponent currently stands:


Cincinnati currently leads and is undefeated outside of the OSU game.  They are projected to win the conference.

Conference USA:

FAU is technically tied at 2nd in their division because they have played one less game than WKY in conference.  But they are projected in the article to have the highest amount of wins.


Miami is currently tied for 1st in their Division with the head to head with OU coming up to determine who takes the lead.  OU is projected higher in the article, but a Miami win would flip those numbers.

All in all it's not bad seeing all 3 non-conference opponents currently fighting for a top spot in their conference.  I'd say that's as respectable as a win over a middling power 5 (like Texas A&M) and a FCS school.



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