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Comment 24 May 2019

I left the Indiana game at the 'Shoe when Braxton was in his prime.  We got up early, Braxton was literally doing flips into the endzone.  Then a spiraling snow started coming down, it wasn't even supposed to be that cold.  I left shortly after halftime due to the thought of a warm pizza next to the fire.  

Comment 24 May 2019

I'd say 0-0.25.  Nebraska and Michigan undefeated.  Michigan beats #8 Washington by 5 in their bowl game.  Nebraska beats #3 Tennessee (Peyton Manning Tennessee) by 25.  I don't know how the AP vote ended the way it did.

Comment 24 May 2019

In that case, fire away.  Anyone working past 9 pm, gloves off.

Comment 24 May 2019

Your problem is you are arguing with a TTUN fan on Instagram.  Take a step back, re-evaluate.  Knowing who is superior is a far greater accomplishment than proving who is superior.  No trophies for pissing contests.

Comment 20 May 2019

Considering that going back to the Tressel years Michigan is 1-17 against ranked opponents on the road, and Harbaugh is under .500 against ranked opponents overall at Michigan, I'd say they are not getting through that schedule without at least 2 or 3 losses.

Comment 15 May 2019

Go to Notre Dame.  Spend a couple hours walking around campus, it's worth it.

Comment 14 May 2019

I think Okudah is going to have the kind of season that quietly pulls him into first round draft discussions.  He was coming on more and more as the season progressed last year.  Then had a Rose Bowl game that showed he is ready to follow the lead of Roby/Apple/Lattimore/Ward.  If there were a betting line and I was a betting man, I'd throw money on him being picked in the 1st round next year.  The kid is that good.

Comment 10 May 2019

This is very true.  We will see all aspects of his duties by the end of the season but the one you mentioned.  Can he keep the talent coming in?  It remains to be seen, in the short term he has done pretty well using the transfer market, and keeping commits and adding quality to them for next year and 2021.  That alone is tough to do through a coaching transition, usually you have a much larger fallout.

Comment 10 May 2019

I'm not in the camp of Meyer quitting on OSU.  I think OSU quit on Meyer.  I'm also one of few that think Meyer is done coaching.  I have been wrong before though so we will see.  

As far as Woody/Meyer comparisons, I think it's a 100% accurate statement to say we have no clue what Woody would have done with this situation.  He let a loss get into his head so badly that he punched a kid.  It's easy to sit and run a program when the only time you see your name in the media is in the Sunday newspaper.  This constant bombardment of information and the lack of privacy can break a really strong person if they are unstable at all.  Woody was, obviously.  So maybe his old school grit would have shined through and he would have lasted, maybe similar to when one loss forced him to punch a kid on the field, it would overtake his emotions and it goes the opposite direction.

Either way, the whole situation last year was tough to navigate for OSU, Meyer, and everyone else involved.  Something that is very at the forefront of social battles in the country was the main contributing factor.  We still to this day don't even have a solid conclusion based on facts of what actually happened.  But Smith used Meyer.  That much is clear.  And as far as how all of this went down, I can imagine that Meyer said he did not want his name tied to something this horrific.  So he was probably planning his exit immediately.  I would have, I'm not going to stay in a position of power to be constantly ridiculed about something that I didn't actually have anything to do with nor do I condone it in any way.  Then you have OSU saying the same thing....we can't have our prestigious name tied to this catastrophe.  So they didn't exactly throw Meyer under the bus, but they used very carefully selected words to make sure they don't admit anything, but still alluded to it being Meyer that has to control a situation like this and they step away and deal with the aftermath.  

Any way, solid post, as I have said many times on here, it's just a matter of two people with two different points of view.  And that's pretty much why these message boards exist.

Comment 10 May 2019

Everyone loves Woody.  I love Woody.  He will always be the guy that got it done and put OSU on the map as a top 5 program.  BUT, Woody wouldn't have lasted 2 years at OSU if he lived in todays day and age.  And lest we forget, he assaulted a student athlete, which is still brought up any time his name is mentioned to a rival fan.  His exit would have been just as tumultuous as Urbans had the internet existed.

Comment 10 May 2019

I understand the hesitation for excitement from fans about Day as he has yet to coach a game as FULL TIME Head Coach.  But this dude has balls of steel.  He doesn't shy away from a single question.  He answers it with authority.  There is no searching for a way to say things, he says what he thinks.  But I have yet to find a single move he has made in the past 5 months that isn't making this team better.  I love summer, but man I can't wait for it to be over.

Comment 08 May 2019

Call me old school, but I'll go with Gary Patterson at TCU.  He's old school defensive minded.  He made a school that many didn't know much about into annually being talked about as a threat.  He won big bowl games against power conferences.  He took the school through a transition into a power conference and immediately had them competing.  And he is the anti-Big12...only team regularly known for their defense in an all offense conference.

Comment 08 May 2019

The only answer is 1.  Reason being, to win championships you need your top guy playing at his best.  Do the Patriots win the Super Bowl last year if Brady goes down at the end of the season?  Nope. 

Burrow is the only guy on that list that has any meaningful college experience and he was an average QB, they succeeded as a team because their defense was nasty and Burrow didn't give the game away.  True definition of game manager.  Baldwin hasn't taken a live rep since his senior year in HS.  Martell hasn't thrown a significant pass in his career, only in mop up duty at OSU.  When he played in meaningful games it was designed runs.  Fields only has mop-up duty experience.

So you eliminate Burrow as we have seen his 1st season and you know he isn't going to WIN you a championship.  He would need other aspects of the team to excel while he manages games (the 2002 Krenzel season just doesn't happen any more). When you look at the potential between the 3 others, you go Fields.  Baldwin has the arm, Martell has the feet, Fields has both.