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Poll Frustrations

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October 28, 2019 at 9:53am

Ok, look, I want to just get it out there. I am a person who spends literally hours a week in college football polling and data. It's not just hard data, it's also spending time listening to the analysts.

And I just cannot wrap my mind around the fact that OSU is still not getting the respect it deserves. We're all OSU fans. We're always whining about polls. But this season's poll results are getting some sort of deep, visceral anger out of me that I didn't know I could have.

I just don't understand how, given the myriad rating systems out there (Sagarin, Massey, SP+, etc.), and given the overwhelming analyst consensus (except for a few outliers), OSU is not in the top 2. Honestly, what exactly does this team have to do at this point? Top-2 offense in FBS, number-one defense in FBS, best scoring margin in FBS. Complete domination on both sides of the ball. A tram that has literally been called "the best Ohio State team I've ever seen" on national television.

Why are we not more upset about this? I'm sick of hearing "we feed off the disrespect" or "these polls don't matter as long as we get in the playoff." No, this team absolutely deserves the respect, and we should be a little more vocal in demanding that they receive it. The only team that has an argument against OSU being #1 is LSU, and at this point in the season, I'd be satisfied with even a #2 ranking. But after annihilating a team that gave up less than 8ppg, more than doubling their yards allowed per game, and holding that same team (which had a top-4 scoring offense) to 7 points, honestly, the question must be asked: why can't other people see the absolute travesty that it is to keep underrating this team?

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