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Per Ryan Leaf, Alex Grinch Said Getting Ohio State's Entitled Kids to Play Hard Last Season Was a Significant Challenge.

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October 22, 2019 at 5:56pm

While listening earlier today to whatever SiriusXM show Ryan Leaf co-hosts, Leaf dropped what I considered to be a bomb while talking with A.J. Hawk about the upcoming game Vs Wisconsin. Leaf said, "The first thing I heard from Alex Grinch when I talked to him this past offseason was that the Ohio State kids were entitled, and getting them to play hard was difficult, to say the least." Leaf went on to say that, "Urban Meyer refused to take ownership" of last year's 'situation,' and that Meyer's entitled attitude extended to the players. Again, I thought Leaf's comments were... caustic... but Hawk didn't flinch. He said he wouldn't know about Grinch's sentiments, but that THIS year's team is anything but entitled, and that Ryan Day's approach is in contrast to Meyer's and the players are responding eagerly to it... they've 'bought in' completely. Leaf's comments, to my ear, weren't so much an indictment of Meyer and last year's team as they were a compliment to Day and this year's team... but the Grinch comments, as they were relayed to the audience via Ryan Leaf, were infuriating to me. If the kids won't "play hard" for you, Alex, then look no further than your mirror for the reason why. Ohio State was paying you close to a million bucks a year to get the players to do exactly what you said they wouldn't do, so you failed. The more I hear about Grinch, the less I like him and the happier I am that he's gone... and it seems that Ryan Day feels similarly, otherwise Grinch would still be here. 

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