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Shades of the 2006 Season

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October 22, 2019 at 12:24pm

I've been thinking about this season a lot.

We have looked really, REALLY good every game. Everyone is playing loose, confident, and doing what they need to do with regularity. We are dominating opponents in historical fashion.

But we also haven't played anyone. Even after Wisconsin, we'll have played a great defense attached to a relatively one-dimensional offense.

Looking at the B10 as a whole, and how we've performed...it makes me feel a little bit like it's 2006.

Outside of the Michigan game we pretty much did whatever we wanted to every opponent. Our team was the cream of the crop. We had a Heisman contender at QB, a strong running game, a stellar defense. Then we played Florida. It was a team we weren't prepared for.

Granted, our offensive and defensive systems right now are designed to be able to adjust far better than Tressel's teams were: our players are better, more versatile athletes, our coaches are more malleable in how they call games and adjust in-game, and both the defense and the offense have already shown they can play multiple formations and succeed.

It leads me to believe we are in a much better position than in 2006, but it still gives me similar vibes in hindsight. We were invincible and didn't know what hit us. If we continue on this path will we fall victim to the same line of thinking? I hope not.

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