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Had an Interesting Conversation with a Former D1 Major Program Coach Today

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October 20, 2019 at 10:47pm

So I won't say who or where he coached but he was a recent major D1 coach and then O Coordinator position coach at a bigger program. He had big ties to the B1G. Anyway my wifes cousin played college football with him and my wifes cousins mom passed and he was down here for the funeral and memorial so this coach came over to see him at my in laws house and my wifes cousin introduced me. I had a Buckeye hat on and tshirt and he had a B1G ten program shirt on and he said oh man I wouldn't have worn this had I known you were a Buckeye. I laughed and said nah it's not Blue and yellow so we are cool. Anyway he went on to discuss how good he thinks we are this year and especially on defense and how last year our biggest problem was Schiano. He said a close friend of his at Purdue and him were talking after our game last year and he asked him, "man how did you guys beat them like that?" and he said the Purdue coach said "Schiano...that guy was trying to run all these complex schemes and not playing simple defense and we just exploited it, we knew those players were going to be locked into these assignments" Of course I was just mad all over again but like he said this year we have a LOT to be excited about. 

My wifes cousin asked what our schedule looked like and I told him and he said oh man you guys have Wisconsin and Penn State still before TTUN? before I could say anything the coach started laughing and said, look we all know things can happen so you can't just cruise but Wisconsin is the only team that has a fraction (he held his fingers really close together) of a chance to beat Ohio State. He said Penn State is a joke and just haven't played anyone yet and James Franklin is the biggest asshole you will ever meet with an ego that is bigger than almost any other coach I've met or known. I laughed and said yeah I am not a big fan of Franklin and he said "oh man some of the things I've heard about him and guys I know that have worked with him say things that would make your head spin. He also talked a little bit about Harbaugh and said that there are coaches that have questioned whether that guy is playing a full deck. Really cool getting to spend about 2 hours talking with him and picking his brain. I won't say who it was or where he has coached. Well liked guy though and never heard a bad thing about him. 

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